Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pilot Prattle: How to Get Away With Murder

From its first preview showing Academy Award nominee, Viola Davis, sporting a short stylish haircut and a red leather jacket being a bitch in front of a chalkboard, we knew we had found our new favorite show. Sorry, Olivia Pope, there's a new gal in town, and she's taking over #TGITs.

According to early Nielson ratings, the premiere brought in 14 million views. This compares to 11.9 million for this week's Scandal premiere, the show's most viewed epiaode to date.

The show is Legally Blonde meets I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Damages with a dash of Teaching Mrs. Tingle. In short, it's Pretty Little Liars for adults.

The episode begins with four panicked law students trying to figure out what to do with the murder weapon and the dead body they have on their hands. We flash back to three weeks ago, where we find out the four students are in the same class taught by Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), and besides that, the four don't have much in common.

Annalise is a no-nonsense professor who pits her students against in each other in classroom contests, all vying for the chance to help her with a case. Her personal life involves sitting on her desk while the most muscular detective we've ever seen (not her husband) goes to work on her downstairs.

As the pilot progresses, we learn more about the students we met earlier, but don't learn anything more about the body they have decided to roll in a carpet and burn.

Manipulation, an attempted murder case, gay sex, secrets, and lies fill the hour until we are taken back to modern day. The students unroll the carpet, revealing their victim as the closing credits begin to roll.

We gasped, we screamed, we giggled - it's everything a first episode should be. We haven't enjoyed a pilot this much since Veronica Mars. 

Viola Davis is perfectly cast as Annalise. We've seen her shine on the stage and the big screen, but she was made for television. Her performance is so enthralling that you can't help but be captivated by this woman. You find yourself rooting for her although she is a vile person.

With so many twists in the first episode alone, we can't wait to see where this show takes us. It's bound to take us on one hell of a ride, and we're not sure we want to wear our seat belts.

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