Thursday, September 11, 2014

Preview in Review: The Boy Next Door

If there's one genre of movie we love at the Sexy Trash offices, it's the "bat shit crazy" genre. You're familiar - Person A (usually female) becomes obsessed with Person B, Person B shuts it down, Person A goes buck wild and kills Person A's friends/family to prove how serious they are about their feelings.

Perhaps we love these movies because they're always so good they're bad, or perhaps it's because we've had our fair share of relationships like these. (Were we Person A or B? We'll never tell. Fine - we were Person A. We're just overly emotional and passionate, okay? It's not a bad thing.) But whatever the reason, these movies always find a way into our hearts: Obsessed, Swimfan, Single White Female, The Roommate, Fatal Attraction.

Well, get ready for another crazy in town. In The Boy Next Door, Jennifer Lopez plays a high school teacher who sleeps with one of her students (who happens to be her neighbor). When she realizes she made a mistake, she ends it... and that's when he really gets wild. When he's not making sexual innuendos to her son, he's busy filling her classroom with pictures of them in the throws of passion and causing accidents on the highway. Someone needs to send this tyrant to the principal.

Check out the preview below before it hits theaters in January.

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