Monday, September 22, 2014

Pilot Prattle: The Mysteries of Laura

After being burned by Debra Messing's performance in Smash (that show was a mess; let's just say it), we were hesitant to watch The Mysteries of Laura. 

On paper, it was nothing we enjoy: we hate detective shows, and we only like Messing as Grace.

But when we were forced into watching the pilot, it just kept getting better and better. For starters, it was genuinely funny. We laughed out loud numerous times, from both witty banter and visual comedy. All of this these chances for humor allowed for Messing's character, Laura, to be a Grace Adler/Buffy Summers/Lynette Scavo hybrid. And it works.

As for the detective stuff, that works for us, too. These characters are likable, and although it was only the first episode, we still somehow care for the characters. We want to see them solve mysteries. In the first scene, Laura shoots someone's ear off. On purpose. We'll watch anything where someone gets their ear shot off. Don't you think a certain split-screen talk show fight would have ended differently if shooting off an ear was allowed?

It was also fun to see Veronica Mars's father again, Enrico Colantoni, playing Laura's boss, the chief of police.

Critics are tearing this show apart, but we loved every minute. We say, give it a try and see if you enjoy it. We honestly don't know how you could hate it. It's smart, it's funny, and more importantly - we finally have Grace back on TV.

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