Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Give Her Another Take!" The Comeback: Season 2

It's been nine years since HBO'S The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow has been on the air, but let's face it... sometimes it feels like longer.

Because we have no lives, sometimes we imagine where these characters would be today. Well, thanks to a eight-episode season two and an early backstage peek from Entertainment Weekly, we no longer have to imagine:

Set in 2014, season two finds desperate actress Valerie Cherish (Kudrow) cast in Seeing Red, a single-camera HBO dramedy written by her old nemesis Paulie G., the writer who all but terrorized her on the set of their 2005 sitcom Room & Bored. Fresh from his second stint in rehab, Paulie has written a dark HBO comedy loosely based on his behind the scenes struggles with drugs while working with Valerie on Bored.
“Valerie agrees to play it even though she’s probably playing the worst version of herself, because she thinks it will take her to the next level,” says co-creator King. “The closer Valerie gets to this heat, the more her life starts to fall apart.” Producer Dan Bucatinsky describes the season in a question: “What happens when a woman who is really interested in continuing to have cameras on her also winds up in one of the most challenging acting roles of her career?”
As for the other characters...

Juna is now a full time leading lady (Malin Akerman wishes.)

Chris is a big-screen action hero (Kellan Lutz wishes.)

Publicist Billy (Scandal's Dan Bucatinsky) is head-to-head with Valerie's hairstylist Mickey for the closest spot in her inner circle.

This is one of the funniest, smartest shows on television, and we can not wait for season two to premiere on November 9 at 10 p.m!

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