Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall TV Round Up - NBC

Marry Me
Plot: This sitcom follows a couple as they plan their trip to the altar.
Starring: Casey Wilson and Ken Marino
Will It Last?: Probably not. For some reason, Americans don't get the appeal of Casey...
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: YES. And buying on DVD.

The Mysteries of Laura
Plot: A detective juggles her family life and her career.
Starring: Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, Laz Alonso
Will It Last?: It has a shot. Cop shows tend to do well, and it is genuinely funny and entertaining!
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: Yes, indeed!

Bad Judge
Plot: An eight-year-old boy changes the life of a reckless, party-loving judge.
Starring: Kate Walsh and Ryan Hansen
Will It Last?: We're gonna go with no.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: We'll give the pilot a shot. We're sure that's all that will air, anyway.

Plot: Based on the DC comic, this drama tells the story of an exorcist trying to save the world.
Starring: Matt Ryan
Will It Last?: It's already airing on TV's Death Day: Friday nights.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: Absolutely not.

A to Z
Plot: A cliched mess that follows a couple from the day they meet to the day they break up.
Starring: Christen Milioti (the mother from "How I Met Your Mother") and Ben Feldman
Will It Last?: Not a chance.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: See above.

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