Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall TV Round Up - ABC


Plot: A modern-day retelling of My Fair Lady following a self-absorbed, selfie-loving, rhyming, hashtag-using, social media obsessed girl gets "made under" and turned into a socially acceptable human being by her co-worker.
Starring: Doctor Who's Karen Gillian and John Cho
Will It Last?: Maybe for a season? We know ABC loves to cancel things without giving them a shot.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: We didn't want to, but after viewing the pilot, we thought it had a lot to say and made us laugh. So... yes.

Manhattan Love Story
Plot: This fresh take on the boy/girl love story follows a couple from their first meeting and jumps into their heads, giving the audience
Starring: Third place America's Next Top Model loser, Analeigh Tipton and Greek's Jake McDorman
Will It Last?: No. We're surprised ABC even picked it up in the first place.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: You couldn't pay us to. Well, money is tight, so yes - you could pay us to. But without money involved, that'll be a hard pass from us.

Plot: A Mexican-American law school graduate balances working as an unpaid intern and her family's struggles.
Starring: Cristela Alonzo
Will It Last?: Probably not.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: No.

How to Get Away With Murder
Plot: A law professor at a Philadelphia university, along with her students, get entwined in a murder plot
Starring: Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner, Viola Davis
Will It Last?: Yes!
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: A thousand times yes!

Plot: The patriarch of a middle-class black family living in the suburbs fears that his family is starting to have the wrong priorities.
Starring: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Laurence Fishburne
Will It Last?: We're not sure, but we hope so.
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: This is one show we're really excited for.

Plot: An immortal doctor
Starring: Ioan Gruffudd
Will It Last?: We're gonna
Will Sexy Trash Be Watching?: Again, we're gonna say... no.

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