Friday, September 12, 2014

BURNIN UP for Nick Jonas on Kingdom

As previously announced, Nick Jonas will be playing a MMA  fighter (Mixed Martial Arts, for those of you not familiar. We'll be honest - we had no idea) in the new DirecTV show, Kingdom. 

We already knew that the show dives into the world of MMA fighting in California. What we didn't know were the facts Jonas dropped while stopping by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live on September 10:

"Oh, I just did a lot of nudity [on Kingdom]," Jonas told an audience member.

"My character has a big, um..." he paused. A big what? A big what?! "Storyline." (insert side eye emoji here)

He went on to reveal his "big storyline" involves his sexuality. "Is he bi-curious?" Cohen asked to which Jonas answered coyly, "We'll see."

Don't tease us, Nick.

Kingdom premieres on October 8 on DirecTV.

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