Monday, September 22, 2014

A Step Inside Central Perk

This weekend, we were lucky enough to step foot into a place we've waited twenty years to visit. No, we're not talking about Eureka's Castle. Or the Mickey Mouse Club house. Both of those places would be fun, as well, but no - we're talking about the life-changing coffee shop known as Central Perk.

Home-away-from-apartment for ten years, Central Perk was the favorite hangout spot for our favorite Friends. And we finally got them off of the famous orange couch long enough to sit there and enjoy our coffee.

The couch. We were in the presence of the couch!

Friends merchandise!

Iconic props throughout the series include Rachel's sonogram, Ross's "Science Boy" comic, and a VHS of "Buffay the Vampire Layer"
Monica's engagement ring and their vows!

Monica and Chandler's wedding invitation

Costumes from all six cast members! Jennifer Aniston is SO skinny.

Signed scripts from the pilot and the finale

Joey's dog!
The Gellar Cup!

Central Perk teams up with Eight O' Clock Coffee and will be open until October 18 on the corner of Lafayette and Broome streets.

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