Saturday, October 20, 2012

That time when Bobby Canavale went full frontal: A Boardwalk Empire Catch Up!

My apologies for missing last week's recap! But honestly, nothing totally crazy happened. Everything up until the latest episode (Episode 5, "You'd Be Surprised") has just been simmering and slowly coming to the head that was this week's episode. Nucky's been teetering on the edge of his business, being both hands off and ridiculously meticulous, which is sending everyone the wrong signal and slowly unraveling his business, weakening his relationships on all fronts.

This week's episode opens with Gyp Rossetti telling some poor hooker to hurt him more, showing us just how into erotic asphyxiation he is. She's yanking this belt around his neck and he's going to town on himself. It's totally jarring and a very "dive right in" approach to the whole episode.

Nucky goes to Rothstein and gets into a pretty heated argument over what to do about Rossetti, with Rothstein basically saying he doesn't see what the big problem is, and he might even like Rossetti's tenacity. Nucky then goes to visit his latest piece, Billie Kent, at her rehearsal. Seeing the show is a big mess, he strong arms Eddie Cantor to drop the show he's working on to star in Billie's, causing a giant face lift for the entire show. There's a great scene where Chalky and his friend show up to Cantor's and ask him to sing them a song. Priceless. But towards the end of the episode, Cantor says to Billie "Do you know who Lucy Danzinger is?" When Billie says no, he simply says "The next one won't know who you are either", and walks out on stage.

Margaret's been busy getting her women's education class off the ground. The nuns have been stifling her, making her leave behind the technical terms and anything that has a hint of sexuality about it. But she's so beyond determined it's not even funny. She has her first class with all of 6 other women, the nun, and the doctor. The next day, she's walking up and down the boardwalk giving out flyers. She stops in to the old dress shop she used to work at to leave flyers on the counter. Her old boss is so beyond nervous and is trying so hard to get her to leave. Margaret's not getting it and keeps trying to chat up the lady. And when Nucky walks out from the dressing room talking about how great a dress would look on "her", the first shoe drops. Everyone's staring at each other open mouthed and awkward. And when Billie walks out in a new dress, the other shoe falls. Margaret hands Billie a flyer, and leaves.

Gillian, who has yet to declare Jimmy actually dead, is finding herself hard up on cash. Because she can't claim any of Jimmy's property until she declares him dead, she has no money and no house. She's simply a guest to her son, according to the law. So, she tells her brothel to start standing outside to attract customers and make some of this money that she can't touch because she won't tell the government her son is dead. Because she's a totally logical and rational woman. God I just wanna hit her sometimes.

Van Alden, over in Chicago, opens up to his wife that he's done some pretty wretched things and that's why they're pretty much in hiding. One night, he comes home to a strange man sitting in his living room. His wife excuses herself once Van Alden comes home, and just as the man is explaining that he is nothing but a dissatisfied customer, his wife barrels in and whacks this guy over the head with I think a frying pan. Van Alden then has her hold his legs down while he proceeds to suffocate him. Then, the moment I've been waiting for all season, Van Alden goes back to Capone's number 1 enemy in the flower shop, and simply asks for help in removing a body.

And finally, back at Tabor Heights and Gyp Rossetti, we see Rossetti and the same hooker going at it again. This time the belt is tied to the bed post and he's plowing her while strangling himself. A kid dressed as a newspaper boy walks into the house and manages to shoot everyone except Rossetti. We leave Gyp as he's staggering around naked and covered in blood, and you can just feel the maniacal rage coming from him. The episode ends with Rothstein making a call to Nucky saying everyone was killed except Rossetti. Basically, "Oh shit".

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