Thursday, October 4, 2012

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Premier!!!

I know, this is way later than I wanted it to be--but life happens, so I promise next week this will be up way faster hahaha

Anyway, so okay. Storybrooke, Maine USA post magic spell/creepy purple fog thing. Everyone now knows who they are and they're getting reacquainted with each other. All the dwarves are bowing to Snow, which is cute. Snow and Charming are all over each other with is aborbs. And Snow is itching to see, you know, her daughter who's now in her 20's. Emma is so beyond resistent to this it's not even funny. It's probably the world's most awkward family reunion ever. And things don't get better when little Henry comes up and calls Charming "Grandpa?". AWKS.

Grandma? Grandpa?

We head back to Fairytale land and see everything half dead and dying, and in the middle of this castle falling apart, there's Sleeping Beauty, about to be woken up by Prince Phillip (played by Wren from Pretty Little Liars!! Mmm mmm good!). Phillip looks over to his companion, MULAN (because it totally makes sense for them to be hanging out together, right?) and asks her not to tell Aurora anything about what's happened. Some might take that to mean what's happened to the land around them, but screw that. I'm betting they had something going on between them and he wanted to make sure Mulan didn't say a word.

Phillip and Aurora

So she wakes up and everyone's awkward about what to tell her or not tell her. But before things get too detailed, this wraith flys in like a banshee. It's this skeleton with red eyes and black homeless people clothing. Phillip fights it off, but ends up getting himself marked, which means it'll be back for him. So he makes like he's getting wood for their campfire at the end of the day and then runs off, not letting his ladies see him crying. Poor Phil.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, everyone's got their pitchforks and torches and are on the way to the Queen's house, since, you know, THIS IS ALL HER FAULT. For whatever reason, Snow and Charming and co. decide they need to keep her alive, because despite what she's done, they're the good guys and have to do the right thing regardless of every logical sensible thing to possibly do. Rumps made a promise to Belle (who tells the story how the Queen locked her up for years) NOT to kill the Queen, directly. Rumps sends for the same wraith that's got it's eyes set on Phillip and sends it after the queen.

In the midst of deciding what to do with the Queen, Snow has pretty much had it with Emma's attitude of ignoring the elephant in the room. She has a mini melt down, insisting that they talk about this right here and now. And Emma drops a pretty big bomb on them, explaining that she's happy to have her parents, but hates them for sending her away. She may have saved them from the curse, but at least she would've grown up knowing who her parents were. Basically telling them they made a stupid decision and now she's gonna be bitter and angry and awkward about it--awesome.

Belle finds out Rumps sent this wraith thing after the queen and is pretty pissed, but by the end of the episode decides to stay with him to make him a better person. Apparently every character must in some way shape or form be a bleeding heart sap.

Phillip gets taken out by the wraith, and Mulan and Aurora manage to find him just in time to witness it.

The wraith is on its way to the queen, who is with Snow, Charming and Emma trying to get the mad hatter's hat to work so they can send this wraith back to magic land or something. And it works! The wriath, Emma, and Snow get sent through the magic hat!


Charming is LIVID. And the Queen is really quite lucky to be alive. I would've killed her a million times over at this point. He pulls himself together enough to decide that Henry will no longer be with Regina the Queen, but with him, which like--duh. Wasn't that just assumed?

The episode ends with Mulan and Aurora walking up to a pile of rubble, and Mulan claiming this is the reason Phillip's dead--and Snow and Emma are passed out amongst the mess.

So okay, questions:

1. Who is this mysterious man in the beginning of the episode? A postcard from Storybrooke flies into his apartment window in a city somewhere, only with the word "Broken" written on it. I honestly thought it was the opening to a car commercial and wasn't paying attention until I noticed the card--so who was that? Rumps' son?
2. Where the eff is Pinnochio? Is he dead? I don't understand.
3. Are we going to have to deal with awkward Emma all season? Because that's gonna get old really quick.
4. Is there a reason all the hot guys get killed? When do the sheriff and Phillip come back?!


  1. 4.) That is what I AM SAYING they always be killing the hotties on once and it just is annoying as hellllll Hottie Sheriff 4EEEE

  2. The sheriff was the hottest ughhh