Monday, October 8, 2012

Once Upon A Time, Episode 2, "We Are Both"

Welp, Storybrooke has gone to hell in a goddamn handbasket. 

The town is losing it's mind post wraith attack. And to make things even better, the dwarves decide to see just what happens when one of them crosses the line to leave Storybrooke. Spoiler: it's not good.

You lose your memory of who you are in the fairytale world. And when you come back into Storybrooke, things don't change. You only remember who you were when the town was cursed. Poor Sneezy now thinks he owns the local pharmaceutical place. 

So okay, everyone's going batshit and looking to Charming to fix everything. Of course he doesn't have one goddamn clue and runs off, telling everyone he'll be back in 2 hours with a plan. He has none and when he sits with Henry to try and figure something out, he gets sidetracked with this idea of finding the Mad Hatter (who's hat sent Snow and Emma into that ass backwards fairytale land). 

Meanwhile, Regina is all sorts of pissed that her magic doesn't work and asks Rumps where her mama's magic book is. He throws probably the biggest insult her way, saying she actually does kind of look like her mother. Cue the flashback to yet another altercation between mother and daughter about Regina wanting to be free from this obligation to marry Snow's half dead father and Cora (mama) saying she has no choice, and she owns her anyway so why is she even trying. 

Regina, all sad and upset in her room the night before the big day, steals her mother's spellbook and summons the man who gave it to her--you guessed it! Rumps shows up and praises her for being so good and noble and innocent. He gives her this mirror and says all she has to do is push her mother through it and she'll be gone, sent to another dimension or world or something. 

Come back to Storybrooke, and Regina opens the spellbook and gets some power back. With her newfound mojo, she crashes the town meeting (that Charming has missed because he's hunting down the Mad Hatter still), and with some fancy magic tricks, sends the town into a tailspin, takes Henry back home. 

Charming, in his search for the Mad Hatter, goes to Rumps and the two make a deal to leave each other alone. Rumps gives him some magic stuff to find the Mad Hatter, and Charming is off! He finds the Hatter in an overturned car, and pulls him out. The two are sitting together and Charming is all over him to get them back to fairytale land. Mad Hatter's like "Look dude, there's nothing to go back to. Land's a crap hole and deadly and dangerous and hell if I'm going there even if I could." But Charming says something that clearly sparks some sort of idea for Hatter, and Hatter takes off. Charming's after him but stopped by Little Red Riding Hood who tells him about Regina taking Henry. 

Back to Fairytale land, and Regina's in her wedding dress, about to go to her own wedding. Mama's all proud and condescending and whatnot, and Regina just loses it. She pushes her mother through the mirror and she's gone. That's it. She's done. She changes out of the obnoxious gown, and is riding away from the castle when Rumps stops her and asks her how it felt to do magic. She said it didn't matter, because she'd never be using it again. He pushes her for an answer, and she admits to loving it. 

And then in Storybrooke, as she's wrapping up this mental flashback, Charming comes in with his sword ready to take down whoever and whatever he needs to to get Henry back. Regina has this come to Jesus moment when she realizes keeping Henry against his will is the same thing her mother did, and sends Henry back home with Grandpa Charming. Charming also has to make this grandiose speech to the people about how they're gonna get through this nutty time and people shouldn't despair and should work hard to get their act together in some capacity. 

The episode ends with Rumps standing at the edge of Storybrooke, seriously tempted to walk across that line and forget who he really is, the town coming back together (stores reopening, streets getting cleaned up, etc), and Gepetto looking for Pinocchio (who btw is all wooden and last we saw was blinking his wooden eyes). 

Oh yeah, and Snow and Emma are dragged through Fairytale land with Mulan and Sleeping Beauty. They come to this sort of refugee camp. Trying to make a run for it, Snow gets nailed in the head and knocked unconsioucs. The two get thrown into "the pit", and the last line we hear is a familiar voice asking "Do you need help? I'm Cora". THAT'S RIGHT. MOMMA IS HERE. 

Questions for next week:

If Cora got sent to another world, then wtf world are we in with Snow and Emma?
Do none of these refugees know who Snow White is? What crap is this?
Where the hell was Belle when Rumps was ready to skip town? And why does he even wanna skip town?
Where DID Pinocchio go? 

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