Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bone For Tuna: Boardwalk Empire Episode 3!

Lets see what's been going on this week down in good ole' A.C!

Nucky's guilty conscience about killing off Jimmy last season is starting to rear it's ugly head. He's having these crazy dreams about boys having bullet holes in their heads and oozing blood out of them. He can't sleep, but is trying to tell himself it's because his little lady friend Billie isn't around for the moment. The entire episode he's emphatically calling her. Trying to maybe sleep in his office, Nucky gets an actual call from Margaret, who's hassling him to get home and make arrangements with the priest for his big fancy award ceremony later on. Nucky doesn't want any part of it and heads out. Margaret then tries to hassle the priest to get a private vip meeting with the Bishop for some reason or another.

The boy of Nucky's dreams, literally :-/
Nucky goes to visit his good friend Gyp Rosetti, who has now made camp at the spaghetti and coffee diner in Tabor Heights, NJ. Both men are pretty pissed at each other, and they're delicately trying to figure the other one out. Nucky offers to start over with Gyp, inviting him to dinner to try and mend their fences. Gyp accepts, but with obvious reservations. So they meet for dinner. Gyp opens with the greeting "Bon Fortuna!" which means "Good Luck" in Italian. After working out an agreement, Gyp asks about Gillian, Jimmy's mother who's now running a brothel or something. Nucky sort of evades the question (more guilt) but drops Gyp at her place after dinner. Gillian doesn't want much to do with Gyp, but does tell him that Nucky's own brother wanted him dead. This is just another reason for Gyp not to trust Nucky ("If you don't got family, what do you got?").

Gyp and Gillian, up to no good, as usual. 
Meanwhile, Van Alden is still pretty busy being the most depressing man ever in the world ever. The guys at work are teasing him and busting on him and just making work hell. They eventually warm up and say they were just initiating him, and invite him out for a drink. Well, straight laced Van Alden isn't too happy for that invitation, especially since, you know, bars are illegal still. But he goes anyway, and of course the bar they go to gets raided. The cop notices how nervous and out of place Van Alden is, and promises to leave him alone if he just pays the fine directly to the cop. Van Alden doesn't say much as the officer takes his wallet and removes whatever money he has in there. I'm basically just waiting for him to start working for the gangster in the flower shop at this point--I mean, come on. Let's be real.

Nucky and Margaret are in church for his fancy medal ceremony. And of course Nucky sees the dead boy from his dreams as the alter boy and spends most of the event trying to shake the image of a dead baby Jimmy from his head. He's just about able to comprehend that Margaret tricked the head of the hospital into supporting her program for women's pre-natal education classes. That's why she was pushing for a meeting with the Bishop. Cornered infront of this high ranking religious official, the hospital chief didn't have much of a choice but to concur when Margaret presented the issue to his high holiness. Score one for Margaret!

After church, Nucky goes back to the office and is greeted by Richard Harrow, who's looking to take credit for Manny Horvitz's murder. Claiming it was only Horvitz he was after to avenge the death of Angela Darmody, Nucky relaxes a might. He eventually gets in touch with Billie Kent and basically becomes a cling-a-saurus rex.

And then at the end of the episode, the booze shipment Nucky and Gyp agreed upon is being loaded into the cars. Gyp's there to oversee it, and is upset when only Owen Slater and Eli Thompson are there for Nucky. When Owen opens up a notepad and reads to Gyp "Bone For Tuna" as a message from Nucky. Gyp takes it as a huge slight, and despite driving away with booze, you know he's not done with Nucky yet...

For next week:

How long will Billie Kent stand for this Nucky "Cling Wrap" Thompson act?
Who's Gyp gonna hurt to get back at Nucky? He's crazy, so every option is viable.
Will someone please tell Van Alden to quit his stupid job and just join the mob? We all know it's gonna happen. This is just avoiding the inevitable.

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