Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top 4 Favorites

So since this is a little late and the finale is Tuesday, I'm just going to give me top dance moments of last week's Top 4 show. So here are some great moments, in no particular order.

#1-This was a first for SYTYCD.  They had a ballet duo performed by Chehon and Eliana.  It was an excerpt from the Nutcracker and boy was it gorgeous.  Not to mention we got to see Chehon in some painted on tights, LORDY!  It was fantastic and the two partnered fantastically. Beautiful.

#2- This next dance was a great emotional hip hop between Cyrus and Tiffany.  Tiffany was FIERRRRCE in this dance.  She was hitting it, like BAM, and showing that Cyrus's character should not have been that bad boyfriend who left her.  Who's sorry now?!

#3- The next dance, just, left me speechless.  There is one moment in this dance in which Chehon does a ONE HANDED lift HIGH above his head.  It's just phenomenal and the two were very connected and just amazing together.

#4-For this dance, the girls paired up and there was a pole involved.  OH BOY!  They both were showing off the enormous strength it takes to actually do a dance on the pole.  Some of the positions that Eliana was in was, jaw dropping.  I didn't know someone could bend that way! They danced to a favorite broadway belt of mine, "When You're Good To Mama".  They were both classy and it was great fun!

#5-One last dance that I absolutely LOVED was a duet between those hard hitting hip hop machines, Cyrus "Glitch" and Twitch.  It was amazing watching two masters of the trade together, nailing it! It was a really awesome way to end the night and of course all three judges were speechless and loved it.

There were some other great moments, but I just tried to pick the top highlights.  Now we move onto this week and we'll crown the winner of it all. Which male and female do you want to see win?

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