Thursday, September 6, 2012

These final SIX can DANCE!!!!

Wow, this week truly was a very difficult elimination.  The talent of these final six is tremendous and when it came to taking away one girl and one boy....I was saddened to lose any of them.  Let's get right to the awesome dances of the night!

The opening number was a very Gaga/Phantom of the Opera....very Sonya inspired piece.  I liked it and it showed the great talent of the final six dancers.

The dancers this week had to perform #1---a solo, #2---a dance with an all star, and #3---a dance with a partner of the top six.  

The night started off with one of my favorite All Stars, who we have not heard from in a while, BENJI!!!! He was paired with Tiffany as they took on a fantastic jive.  The two had so much energy and fabulous jive faces.  I loved it and was very excited to see Benji back.  They both jived their way to a great start and standing ovation. 

Next we have our strong and sexy martial arts man Cole and the lovely All Star Melanie!  The two took on a beautiful and athletically challenging dance. It's one of those painful, break-up, emotional dances and the two give it the justice that it rightly deserves.

The next pairing was Eliana and *said in a ghetto announcer voice* TWITCH!  I personally loved this dance! I thought it was so fun and cute.  The judges gave this *blah blah blah* "it was fun, not technical".....ok....sit back bitch.  They both worked out what they were given, and they don't choreograph it, sooooo....what more do they want?!?!?!  I loved it, they did great, suck it.

The next dance was all about emotional baggage....well, one bag.  Chehon and All Star Kathryn played a couple who had all of their emotions and struggles in one suitcase.  The two fought with it and passed it back and forth.  The accompaniment was a little strange, but the emotions and choreography was outstanding.  They both did a great job and showed us a reoccuring dance move of the night, "the silent scream".....little scary.


Our next pairing was going to the chapel, but one was not happy about it.  Witney and All Star Marco play a couple about to get married, but throughout the dance we see that Witney just wants to escape. Witney again proved she can dance any style and the two were a fantastic pairing.

Our last All Star pairing was Cyrus with, yes the queen of hip hop is back, COMFORT.  The two took on a dub-step, new to the show, with a movie coming to life feel.  It's a first to see Cyrus doing dub-step choreography instead of free-styling, but again, I'm sure no one was surprised that he KILLED it. This guy is the Energizer dub-step bunny.....he's a menace and deserves to be here.  

Next came the top six pairings and they all were great, but one was emotionally WOW-ing....I think I made that up, but who cares.

The pairing of Eliana and Cole was GENIUS.  It was a Mia Michaels emotional masterpiece, cue *silent scream*  The two dedicated themselves fully and brought the judges to their feet.

Cyrus and Tiffany had a very cute Broadway routine as well...check that out. Loved it.

OK, elimination, quick like a band-aid.  We say goodbye to Cole and Witney....TEAR!!!...but I know it won't be the last we see of them.  

Check out this last dance as well from the Axis Dance Company.  It was AMAZING and so inspiring.

We'll see you next week for the TOP FOUR has the time gone?!?!

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