Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pilot Prattle: "Go On"

For 10 years, we watched our favorite FRIENDS fall in love, fall out of love, find jobs, and just grow up in New York City. We cried as the era came to an end and we saw them leave that iconic apartment for the last time. Since that sad day in 2004, we've seen our friends a handful of times... some more often than others.

Courtney Cox was on the short-lived (but Sexy Trash-loved) Dirt for a few seasons, but then moved on to the much-talked-about, but always on the risk of cancellation, Cougar Town. Lisa Kudrow had The Comeback (that audiences hated but Sexy Trash loved. I. Don't. Need. To. SEE. THAT!) Matt LeBlanc was on Joey. (Enough said). But poor Matthew Perry seems to end up on every cancelled pilot that hits television. Call it The Seinfeld Curse 2.0. Nobody wants to see (the majority of) these people unless they're at Central Perk.

Until now. Maybe.

In Go On, Perry plays Ryan King, a radio sportscaster whose wife has recently died. After taking a month to mourn his loss, he returns to the station "ready to work." After a few freak outs on his first day, it becomes clear that, no - he is not ready. His boss (played by the Asian half of Harold & Kumar) sends him to group therapy for ten sessions before he can return to work. Reluctantly, he goes. And while he takes his first session as a joke, he soon realizes he cares about these people and decides to return.

The first episode was charming, and, at points, funny. We're not sure how long we're willing to watch a comedy about group therapy; it could get stale after a season or so, but we're willing to give it a shot. Laura Benanti wins us over as the unqualified therapy leader, but while she's cute, she's a little too vanilla right now; writers are going to need to add just a tad bit of quirkiness to make her stand out in this group of nonsensical characters.

Speaking of, Owen (Tyler James Williams), Fausta (Tonita Castro), and George (Bill Cobbs) already stand out as our favorite members of the therapy group, while we're very much over the rest of the gang.

Will it last? Probably not. But while it's on, we're willing to go on with it.

Go On premeries on September 11 on NBC, but you can watch it before then here!

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