Monday, September 17, 2012

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premier!!

Hide your booze kids! Everyone's favorite prohibition-era drama is back! And back with a bit of a vengeance I'd say. So lets dive right in...

And obviously, SPOILERS!

The show opens up about a year and a half after season 2 ended (remember? Jimmy's dead, Margaret sold Nucky's stuff to the church, etc...). And we're on a beach road and...Bobby Canavale is standing there? No, this isn't the opening line to a bad joke. It's a brutal introduction to the new gangster entering this prohibition game. Canavale plays Gyp Rosetti, from Sicily. His car breaks down, and some poor sap stops to help. He says one wrong thing and Gyp goes nuts on his face with a tire iron. We don't know quite who Gyp is and what role he's gonna play in this yet, but we know one thing: Gyp Rosetti is crazy. (Did we mention our Editor-In-Trash actually MET Canavale once?!)

Our EIT and Canavale!

Bobby Canavale, as Gyp Rosetti

Anyway, the opening credits play and we see Nucky's men interrogating some poor sap who's supposedly accused of stealing from his booze supplies. Once he gives up who he's working for, Nucky says "Untie'em...and oh yeah, put a bullet in his brain first". His delivery is so dry it's almost funny. But once you realize he's talking about killing some guy it's...not hahaha Woops!

Moving over to Chicago, we see Jimmy's good friend Al Capone starting a meeting with some guy named Dean O'Banion. The meeting is supposed to be a simple one, just discussing who's parts of Chicago belong to who. But of course things get a little out of hand and O'Banion leaves all pissed off and Capone is red faced and sweating. He promises his boss, Jimmy Torrio, that he'll leave O'Banion alone because he totally knows and understands that if he messes with him, a war would break out. So it's just a crazy coincidence that Capone and his men walk into O'Banion's flower shop later that night.

Arron Shiver as Dean O'Banion
So O'Banion's incredibly lucky and ex-agent Van Alden actually did just happen to walk in right as Capone did.

That's right, Van Alden's in Chicago, under the name "George Mueller". He's a door to door salesman and desperately trying to sell enough units to win some contest with a prize of over $500, "for my wife and I to buy a house!". Umm, what wife? Last we checked yours slapped you in the face and walked out after you presented her with the child you made with a one night stand. I'll get back to Van Alden.

O'Banion, practically crapping himself, quickly insinuates with Van Alden is his man and they better not mess with him because Van Alden will wreck their day. Van Alden plays it cool and Capone's men back off. O'Banion, incredibly grateful, buys 2 dozen units and gives Van Alden a bouquet of flowers for this supposed wife of his. He also tells him if he ever wants a "real job" to ask around for him. He doesn't think much of it, because Van Alden smelled illegal crime the second he walked into that shop. But when he loses this contest unfairly, I won't be surprised if next time we see him he's walking back into O'Banion's arms. Oh, and apparently he DOES have a wife--that nanny Ingrid. And they have a newborn son together. Van Alden's been busy!

Michael Shannon as Agent Van Alden aka George Mueller
Anyway, back to Atlantic City. While Nucky's been off living the full time crime boss/gangster life, his wife Margaret has been keeping everything else running. She's prepping the house for the big New Year's Eve party later that night, but has to step out for a meeting at the hospital. The meeting is to check on the progress of the new Pediatric wing that Nucky and Margaret donated. While there, Margaret sees a woman practically miscarry right there in the hospital entryway. Horrified and worried for the woman's health and safety, asks one of the doctor's if she was okay. The doctor tells her the woman miscarried, but if she had taken better care of herself, she wouldn't have. He pleads with Margaret to pay for more women's health education, and clearly, Margaret is moved.

Nucky is taking meetings with all kinds of people. He has a conversation with the freakin' US Attorney General about the "open air bazaar" and pay offs that IS the bootlegging business. And he meets with Manny Horvitz. You remember, the man that Jimmy pissed off in Season 2 who killed Jimmy's wife Angela? Right. Him. Anyway, Nucky's apparently got him eating out of the palm of his hand, and tells him he needs someone killed. Oh okay. Makes sense.

We come to Tommy Darmody, the son of the late Jimmy and Angela. He does live with his grandmother, and is looked after mainly by Jimmy's right hand man, Richard Harrow (who he met in Chicago in a Veteran's hospital. Half his face is missing and he wears a mask. I'm not kidding). Richard takes him to the Fair and Tommy makes an odd comment about Gillian (grandma) being his mother. Richard then makes a few strides to show Tommy that his mother is Angela. Because let's be real, it's really weird. Gillian sees this, and makes a comment to Richard about how the two of them need to raise Tommy together, and things get really awkward and uncomfortable for Richard.

So he leaves and shoots Manny Horvitz in the face. BOOM. I don't know if he shot him on his own, or if someone somewhere told him to. But either way, it was a pretty bad ass scene. I'm just assuming Richard knows Horvitz was the downfall of Jimmy and killer of Angela. And part of me hopes this was a total revenge kill. But after seeing Richard (who is totally a badass cold blooded killer) play Daddy dearest with Tommy, it was awesome to see that he's still the same guy. Go Richard!

So it's now party time in the Thompson household. There's this Broadway chick Billie Kent singing some song about King Tut, the main doctor from the hospital is there and Margaret starts chatting him up about women's education, and then, Gyp Rosetti walks in. Rosetti has a meeting where Nucky basically says "I'm only selling my booze to my former enemy Arnold Rothstein. You wanting booze is not my problem. Sorry." And he is pissed. He storms out, giving Margaret his dog as he leaves as a gift? I'm sure there's something else there but I don't know what it is.

Party's over and Nucky and Margaret get into a huge fight. Apparently, when Margaret gave that property to the church a year and a half ago, that forced Nucky to pretend to be a philanthropist. He's pissed, and when she dragged him into her women's health education conversation, that buried issue came right to the surface.

So to cool down he went and slept with the Broadway singer/dancer Billie Kent. Ahh, just like old times!

Meg Steedle as Billie Kent. 
And that was the season premier folks! Did you watch? What did you think?

Questions for Next Week:

Where the eff is Eli?
What was Rosetti trying to say by giving Margaret that dog?
Will Van Alden compromise his strict moral code even more than he already has by joining up with a gangster?!

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