Monday, September 24, 2012

Boardwalk Empire: Spaghetti And Coffee

Oooooooo Gyp Rosetti you are up to no good!!! Last night's episode showed us that while Nucky and his band of miscreants might've had everything pulled together and tied off with a pretty boozy bow, Gyp Rosetti is out to slash the shit out of everyone's plans.

Okay so the show opens with this sort of creepy scene of this mystery guy emptying out a fishbowl and putting the goldfish in a smaller glass. We don't see who it is, but the way it was shot was really kind of...eery.

Eli Thompson
Then Nucky's brother Eli is finally released from jail. At the end of Season 2, Eli sort of took the fall for alot of the violence that went on, and Nucky was able to talk the sentence down to about 2 years. So, Eli's standing outside of the prison, and this guy Mickey pulls up. Eli's all pissy that Nucky sent him and not someone higher up on the chain. But he takes the ride nonetheless. Eli's got this whole "Fallen from grace" feel about him now. People still seem to recognize him as the town sheriff (which was an honest to god JOKE from the beginning), and they kind of laugh at him now. He acts so disgraced and sad! His oldest son (who may or may not have witnessed him going ape shit on some guy in Season 2) is the man of the house now, acting like he doesn't even really want or need his father around, and the whole episode we're just left feeling downright depressed about Eli....

Until he decides to work for that Mickey guy. See, Mickey tells him that he works for Mickey now, not Nucky. Initially Eli is like "The hell I am!" and resists. But eventually he shows up and helps load the trucks with booze and ends up being the lead driver of this little illegal caravan. Owen Slater, Nucky's number one runner, trusts him and shows him some respect too. And then we start thinking maybe Eli isn't totally down on his luck yet.

Sam Crawford
Meanwhile, Mickey's number one enemy (and Nucky's good friend, ironically) Chalky White (a black guy with a nasty gang temper) is approached by a young black medical student, Samuel. Sam is there to ask Chalky for his daughter Maybelle's hand in marriage. Chalky, after some initial skepticism, agrees, and is actually pretty happy that his daughter was able to land such a stable and secure future for herself. Only problem is....Maybelle doesn't want to marry Samuel. She thinks that life would be too boring for her, and she wants a life like her father's. Chalky is horrified, and knows she has no idea what she means when she says that. And when Samuel and Maybelle go out on a date at a rough bar in town, Samuel gets his face slashed. It's Chalky and his men who jump in and diffuse (read: beat the face slasher to within an inch of his life) the situation. Chalky turns to Maybelle who is terrified and damn near pale and two seconds from passing out and asks her if she understands now, is this what she wants now? Pretty powerful moment.

In Nucky and Margaret land, things are pretty tumultuous. They don't speak and he doesn't ever come home. While Margaret is facing more and more resistance towards her women's health education platform, Nucky's been getting his jollies off at that actress Billie Kent's apartment. He wines and dines her and her friends, and has a moment where he realizes he's hanging out with dumb girls and dumb people. We also learn that Billie is a tennant of Arnold Rothstein, Nucky's business partner. The two have a cat and mouse game of words over who's delivering what shipment of booze, which is nothing new.

Gaston Bollucks Means
Nucky also goes to the mystery apartment from the opening scene. The man is Gaston Bollucks Means, a special investigator for the U.S. Dept of Justice. Nucky was supposed to be putting $40,000 into that empty fishbowl to pay for security. Nucky asks this Means guy all kinds of questions about "Jess Smith", and Means is impressed with him, saying one of the most poignant quotes I've heard in awhile, "Ordinary men see trouble and turn away. Extraordinary men turn that trouble to their advantage". Nucky hands the man the $40,000 and observes one of his partners, George Remus, depositing money blindly into the empty fishbowl in the other room. Not sure if this makes Nucky suspicious of Remus or not, but time will tell on that one.

The clincher of this episode is the ending. This whole time, we've seen Gyp Rosetti has been hanging out in Tabor Heights, New Jersey. He's been asking the locals questions about maps and gas and other stuff that seems pretty innocuous. At one point, Gyp's at the local diner asking what's good to eat. The waitress recommends the spaghetti. Gyp starts hassling her about getting some wine with his meal, but is deterred by the local cops (who we know are in Nucky's pocket). He orders the episode title, "Spaghetti and Coffee" instead.

Then, as we come back to Eli and his caravan of booze from Nucky to Rothstein with love, we see that Gyp, after eating his spaghetti and coffee, has bought the local cops. They stop the caravan and force them to turn around and go home. Owen and Eli know how bad this is, and I'm pretty sure they're the only ones who understand the gravity of what's just happened. And they're scared shitless to go home with cars full of booze.

So, questions for next week? 

How are Rothstein and Nucky gonna respond to this?
What's Gyp's next move?
Will somebody please help Margaret further women's health education?
We didn't see Richard Harrow in this episode--but is he on the path of avenging Jimmy's death? Or was it just Horvitz he wanted taken out?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance FINALE!

So tonight is the night!!!! We crown America's favorite male AND female dancer, for the first time!  With a very talented top four, the vote had to be close.  The judges and dancers got to each pick their favorite dance of the season to perform plus some special surprises!  Since we've seen most of those dance, brilliant as most of them were, we're going to skip to the special moments of the night! Most importantly, rounding it out with the winner.

The night started off with a haunting, classic, and brilliant number by Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh.

After some great performances from the season, the stage is taken over by hip hop at it's finest.  Here's a number with Christopher Scott, tWitch, Comfort, and Cyrus.  It was great to see them all together on stage.  I always laugh about Christopher Scott being the hip hop expert, but he can OWN it.

Keeping with the hip hop theme, they brought us Dragon House.  The group, if we remember, that Cyrus started with.  This was an awesome number, which may or may not have given me nightmares about robots and a little gold man coming to get me.  But anyway....onto the dance.

The last routine was the top 10 and the All Stars of the season.  This was my favorite moment of the night.  Not only because it was a little Disney with the Lion King, but because these dancers owned their roles and were all super fierce.  I loved seeing each groups little cameo during this and especially seeing some of our favorite All Stars.  It was great way to end the dances for the night!

And now the results......

With a fantastic top 4, I didn't know who I wanted to win. When it comes to the girls,
the winner is....



When it comes to the boys.....our winner is.....



I love his reaction! So that's it for another season of So You Think You Can Dance. Loved it and can't wait for Season 10.  How many days?

Hart of Dixie Moves to New Night

Hart of Dixie will no longer be the highlight of Mondays- the CW moves it to Tuesdays at 8pm.

If you have forgotten the Blue Bell drama be sure to study the chart below and get ready for the premiere in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS:


Monday, September 17, 2012

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premier!!

Hide your booze kids! Everyone's favorite prohibition-era drama is back! And back with a bit of a vengeance I'd say. So lets dive right in...

And obviously, SPOILERS!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top 4 Favorites

So since this is a little late and the finale is Tuesday, I'm just going to give me top dance moments of last week's Top 4 show. So here are some great moments, in no particular order.

#1-This was a first for SYTYCD.  They had a ballet duo performed by Chehon and Eliana.  It was an excerpt from the Nutcracker and boy was it gorgeous.  Not to mention we got to see Chehon in some painted on tights, LORDY!  It was fantastic and the two partnered fantastically. Beautiful.

#2- This next dance was a great emotional hip hop between Cyrus and Tiffany.  Tiffany was FIERRRRCE in this dance.  She was hitting it, like BAM, and showing that Cyrus's character should not have been that bad boyfriend who left her.  Who's sorry now?!

#3- The next dance, just, left me speechless.  There is one moment in this dance in which Chehon does a ONE HANDED lift HIGH above his head.  It's just phenomenal and the two were very connected and just amazing together.

#4-For this dance, the girls paired up and there was a pole involved.  OH BOY!  They both were showing off the enormous strength it takes to actually do a dance on the pole.  Some of the positions that Eliana was in was, jaw dropping.  I didn't know someone could bend that way! They danced to a favorite broadway belt of mine, "When You're Good To Mama".  They were both classy and it was great fun!

#5-One last dance that I absolutely LOVED was a duet between those hard hitting hip hop machines, Cyrus "Glitch" and Twitch.  It was amazing watching two masters of the trade together, nailing it! It was a really awesome way to end the night and of course all three judges were speechless and loved it.

There were some other great moments, but I just tried to pick the top highlights.  Now we move onto this week and we'll crown the winner of it all. Which male and female do you want to see win?

Are you ready for the Revolution?

So what happens if electricity was to just stop? What would our world become? The new NBC drama Revolution explores these questions.

The blackout happens in the first 5 minutes of the premiere and leaves something to be desired. We meet Charlie and her family. We learn her dad knew the blackout was coming before it happened. There is no suspense, one plane falls out of the sky, and that's about the extent of the excitement. They should have focused on the chaos and the confusion, but instead, we fast forward 15 years. Here we find Charlie with her brother and dad living in a community filled with people either dressed like the others from Lost or just modern day with band t-shirts and skinny jeans!?

Local militia arrives and kills Charlie's father and steals her brother, Danny. Charlie sets out on her adventure with two other 'villagers' to find her uncle to help rescue her brother. Charlie played by Tracy Spiridakos is the saving grace of the show. She has the strength and beauty of Katniss from the Hunger Games, with the bow and arrow to match. She is a heroine you can really root for. Charlie finds her uncle Miles, Billy Burke (aka Bella's dad) and convinces him to help them search for her brother.

Revolution is created by Eric Kripke and executive produced by J.J. Abrams. The pilot was directed by Jon Favreau. With such strong people behind the show it has a fighting chance. As long as Revolution strays away from Lost type conspiracies and sticks to the basics of surviving and adapting to the blackout it will be a success.

Tune in Monday September 17th at 10pm on NBC!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Review: Boardwalk Empire

This Sunday on HBO will be the premier of season 3 of Boardwalk Empire. I for one can't wait! The Atlantic City based drama surrounding the politics of prohibition and the gangsters pulling the strings is one of the most compelling I've seen. Last season ended on quite the note, and I thought it'd only be fair to catch all of you up on what's been happening with our friends in 1920's Atlantic City...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pilot Prattle: "Go On"

For 10 years, we watched our favorite FRIENDS fall in love, fall out of love, find jobs, and just grow up in New York City. We cried as the era came to an end and we saw them leave that iconic apartment for the last time. Since that sad day in 2004, we've seen our friends a handful of times... some more often than others.

Courtney Cox was on the short-lived (but Sexy Trash-loved) Dirt for a few seasons, but then moved on to the much-talked-about, but always on the risk of cancellation, Cougar Town. Lisa Kudrow had The Comeback (that audiences hated but Sexy Trash loved. I. Don't. Need. To. SEE. THAT!) Matt LeBlanc was on Joey. (Enough said). But poor Matthew Perry seems to end up on every cancelled pilot that hits television. Call it The Seinfeld Curse 2.0. Nobody wants to see (the majority of) these people unless they're at Central Perk.

Until now. Maybe.

In Go On, Perry plays Ryan King, a radio sportscaster whose wife has recently died. After taking a month to mourn his loss, he returns to the station "ready to work." After a few freak outs on his first day, it becomes clear that, no - he is not ready. His boss (played by the Asian half of Harold & Kumar) sends him to group therapy for ten sessions before he can return to work. Reluctantly, he goes. And while he takes his first session as a joke, he soon realizes he cares about these people and decides to return.

The first episode was charming, and, at points, funny. We're not sure how long we're willing to watch a comedy about group therapy; it could get stale after a season or so, but we're willing to give it a shot. Laura Benanti wins us over as the unqualified therapy leader, but while she's cute, she's a little too vanilla right now; writers are going to need to add just a tad bit of quirkiness to make her stand out in this group of nonsensical characters.

Speaking of, Owen (Tyler James Williams), Fausta (Tonita Castro), and George (Bill Cobbs) already stand out as our favorite members of the therapy group, while we're very much over the rest of the gang.

Will it last? Probably not. But while it's on, we're willing to go on with it.

Go On premeries on September 11 on NBC, but you can watch it before then here!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

These final SIX can DANCE!!!!

Wow, this week truly was a very difficult elimination.  The talent of these final six is tremendous and when it came to taking away one girl and one boy....I was saddened to lose any of them.  Let's get right to the awesome dances of the night!

The opening number was a very Gaga/Phantom of the Opera....very Sonya inspired piece.  I liked it and it showed the great talent of the final six dancers.

The dancers this week had to perform #1---a solo, #2---a dance with an all star, and #3---a dance with a partner of the top six.  

The night started off with one of my favorite All Stars, who we have not heard from in a while, BENJI!!!! He was paired with Tiffany as they took on a fantastic jive.  The two had so much energy and fabulous jive faces.  I loved it and was very excited to see Benji back.  They both jived their way to a great start and standing ovation. 

Next we have our strong and sexy martial arts man Cole and the lovely All Star Melanie!  The two took on a beautiful and athletically challenging dance. It's one of those painful, break-up, emotional dances and the two give it the justice that it rightly deserves.

The next pairing was Eliana and *said in a ghetto announcer voice* TWITCH!  I personally loved this dance! I thought it was so fun and cute.  The judges gave this *blah blah blah* "it was fun, not technical".....ok....sit back bitch.  They both worked out what they were given, and they don't choreograph it, sooooo....what more do they want?!?!?!  I loved it, they did great, suck it.

The next dance was all about emotional baggage....well, one bag.  Chehon and All Star Kathryn played a couple who had all of their emotions and struggles in one suitcase.  The two fought with it and passed it back and forth.  The accompaniment was a little strange, but the emotions and choreography was outstanding.  They both did a great job and showed us a reoccuring dance move of the night, "the silent scream".....little scary.


Our next pairing was going to the chapel, but one was not happy about it.  Witney and All Star Marco play a couple about to get married, but throughout the dance we see that Witney just wants to escape. Witney again proved she can dance any style and the two were a fantastic pairing.

Our last All Star pairing was Cyrus with, yes the queen of hip hop is back, COMFORT.  The two took on a dub-step, new to the show, with a movie coming to life feel.  It's a first to see Cyrus doing dub-step choreography instead of free-styling, but again, I'm sure no one was surprised that he KILLED it. This guy is the Energizer dub-step bunny.....he's a menace and deserves to be here.  

Next came the top six pairings and they all were great, but one was emotionally WOW-ing....I think I made that up, but who cares.

The pairing of Eliana and Cole was GENIUS.  It was a Mia Michaels emotional masterpiece, cue *silent scream*  The two dedicated themselves fully and brought the judges to their feet.

Cyrus and Tiffany had a very cute Broadway routine as well...check that out. Loved it.

OK, elimination, quick like a band-aid.  We say goodbye to Cole and Witney....TEAR!!!...but I know it won't be the last we see of them.  

Check out this last dance as well from the Axis Dance Company.  It was AMAZING and so inspiring.

We'll see you next week for the TOP FOUR has the time gone?!?!

Taylor Swift: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Listening to a Taylor Swift album is like setting Taylor Swift's diary to music. This bitch has no problem airing out her dirty laundry (or Joe Jonas's. Or John Mayer's. Or Jake Gyllenhaal's. Or Taylor Lautner's) on the airwaves. And with every ex-bashing song she releases, we squeal with more and more delight.

Some of her songs (Dear John, Safe and Sound) are dreary and leave us feeling vulnerable and miserable. Like Adele Jr. Others, however, are more upbeat and have us bobbing our heads in typical white girl fashion, no matter the theme of the song (You Belong With Me, Mean, Better Than Revenge).

Swift's latest single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, is in the upbeat category. And honestly, although it's one of her most juvenile tracks, it's arguably our favorite. Ever.

The video is just as juvenile, and while we can already hear some people tearing it apart for it's randomness and childishness, we sort of love it. If this video were our ex, we would get back with it. Over and over again. So you go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me... and tell them how great this video is.

Yes, her band is dressed as weird Pedo Bears or something, but try to look past that...