Monday, August 27, 2012

True Blood Finale: NO. HE. DIDN'T.

The season finale.  And... I. Can't. Even.  Ugh.  

If you haven't watched last night's episode yet stop reading.  Now.  Like for real, major spoiler ahead.

I knew I've always loved Eric.  He saved the fairies from Russel Edgington and has finally staked his sorry ass.  Jason has been effected by a fairy explosion and is quite woosy.  BTW, Jason is my fave this episode.

Sam has been brought up to Bill as his "meal." He tries to reason with Bill, but he's not having it.  When Sam realizes his life is in jeopardy, he shifts into a fly and he's off into the air ducts.

Eric & sis/lover Nora are putting together quite the task force to help save the world from Bill and the other wacked out Lillith followers.  They head to Fangtasia and learn Pam is at the Authority, Tara is in to get her maker back.  The three vamps head to Sookie's to ask her for help.  It's the first time Sookie has seen Tara since she turned.  I bet they'll be friends again.

Throughout this episode, Jason has been seeing his parents.  Something in that fairy power has led him to either go crazy or now be able to see the dead.  The 'rents push Jason to revolt against the vamps and he's not backing down.

Back at Camp Alcide, they learn that the new pack master has been feeding all of the other warewolves tons of V and taking of advantage of the younger wolves.  Alcide's dad has a stash of V, for special occasions.  The only way Alicde is going to beat the current pack master is to level the playing field...
Just in case you forgot what my fave wolf looked like...

Andy and Maurella are about to be parents.  Andy's current girlfriend is forced to be her midwife while everyone watches the birth of fairies.  Her moaning is a bit awkward, but after all is said and done Andy is a dad.  Of quintuplets.  Maurella leaves him to raise them on his own.  Uh ... what?  I'm guessing Sookie's going to have to be of some kind of help in the near future...

Well after hiding them out, Sookie and Jason drive the 3 vamps to the Authority.  When the guards (and Bill) think it's only Eric & Nora, they're let through.  Not before Eric sees that Sookie is with them...

Sam convinces Luna to shift into the Reverend so they can escape.  The ginger chancellor catches this "Reverend" and he needs to do damage control on TV.  Bad move... the "Reverend" pukes blood & turns back into Luna on live TV.  Sam "flies" into the redhead vamp's mouth and shifts inside of her ... killing her, obviously.  As for Luna, she doesn't look like she's going to make it...

Back above ground, Alcide has defeated the pack master.  Way to go boy, way to go.

Eric & clan have busted into the Authority and Jason sure turns into my favorite right now.  He's ducking, rolling, jumping and shooting vamps all over! He's pretty bad ass.

Meanwhile, apparently unaware of all the chaos going on in the Authority, Bill find Salome.  He has convinced her that she's the "chosen one" but instead, he has switched the blood of Lillith with other silver-laced blood.  She drinks it and then he stakes her.  Bill is for real cray cray, now I don't think it's a joke. Ta-ta Salome, I blame you for this terrible Lillith plot...

Tara and Sookie run to find Jessica & Pam.  After Eric & Nora have disengaged the alarm, they are freed.  Jessica expresses her love for Jason and is shut down hard.  When Tara expresses her desires for Pam, the opposite happens.  Didn't see that one coming...

After they all rally together, everyone but Sookie & Eric head for the roof.  Those two head to find Bill.  Sookie gets a first look at how cray cray he really is.  Eric thinks she can talk sense into him, but it doesn't work.  Bill drinks all of Lillith's blood and bursts into a big bloody puddle.  That is until...he forms again...

My thoughts...
  • Is Jason really seeing dead people? I'm going to be mad if he's not 100% human.
  • What happened to Warlow, the vamp after Sook?
  • How the heck is Andy going to raise 4 fairy babies all alone?
  • Will Pam & Tara really be an item? Or is this just some mother-daughter lovin'?
  • When will Sookie get back with Eric?
  • Will Sookie/Anna be un-pregger next season?
  • Is Luna dead?
  • Dear Billith, get a grip.  This story-line is bogus.  You no longer have any followers, it's just you.  You're alone.  You've killed all the Lillith-loving vamps.  That is, unless Lillith is still around.
  • Will Alcide be shirtless for the rest of the series?  I mean since he's (six)pack master and all, it seems only fitting.
So, what did you think of last night's episode?  Am I the only one that's not into the Liliith story line?  It's a little too much, if you ask me...

However, that won't keep me from tuning in next season.  I wish it started next week!  Anyone know when the preview comes out??
Xo, Jes


  1. OMG, I thought the finale was great!!! Then again, I really loved this season. However it took me to Tara and Sookie's reunion to realize that they've had ZERO scenes together! Besides for the whole being made a vamp thing. I miss Lafayette. Could care less if Pam and Tara are an item or what, but I love them both. The Billith thing FLIPPED MY LID! First, I thought Bill died and I had tears - not gonna lie. THEN he come back and I SAY WHAT DA FUCKKKKK. His fangs longer than you know what. Eric looked scared shitless... and that was that. Jason was so great this ep, I totally agree. Jess get on my last nerve - always has. I miss Bubba! ;) I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT WARLOW until this post. Could give a fuuuuuck about Andy and his babies; TB writers graspin at the seams there. The birthing of that was so uncomf to watch. Can't wait for next season!!!! When that come out again??

  2. Billith has to have Charlaine Harris (the author of the books) REELING. Like, wtf?! I guess they're done trying to follow any of the plot lines in the book...which I guess isn't so bad, but there's definitely some book moments I was looking forward to (there's an entire Vamp conference where things get cray that I'm starting to believe won't come to any kind of fruition).

    Did you see the bonus scene after the credits?? It's supposedly "What's to come next season". Jason and the gang are running up the stairs and he makes a comment about Warlow and Nora stops dead and is like "How the EFF do you know who Warlow is?" implying that SHE knows something! I think Warlow is gonna be a BIG part of next season.

    In the books Pam hooks up with another of Sookie's friends (who we've never even gotten close to meeting), so not too surprised that her and Tara went at it. Kind of happy for both of them, since up until now they're happiness seemed to be linked to the safety of Eric and Sookie. I think they'll be good for each other.

    And yeah, wtf Andy.

  3. avkramer, i was just about to mention the bonus scene. i would have missed it if it wasn't for the newsroom finale. i was kind of upset that they didn't mention him the whole episode. i feel the smoke monster story line was such a waste of time and wish they would have delved more into warlo. the bonus scene is better than nothing, i suppose.


  4. I JUST saw the bonus scene! Warlow - wtfffff. I have to read these books, btw! I didn't hate this season, but I think I'm just quite partial to the first few - to me their plot wasn't so outrageous like this whole Bil-lith thing!