Monday, August 6, 2012

True Blood: 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'

Another episode with a song for a title, but I couldn't think of anything better...The vamps, werewolves and obama masks are all trying to prove themselves this episode.

As spoken about in the last episode, the explosion of TruBlood factories have been successful, which means Salome's plan is underway...

In the town of Bon Temps, we have several story lines going on ... still.  Sookie is still out to avenge her parent's deaths, Arlene is still fighting with a fire demon chasing Terry, Jessica has gone to the police since Hoyt is missing and she believes it is her fault and the cops are searching for Hoyt & the "Obamas."

In the process of Sookie trying to find out what vampire has killed her parents and looking for her, she's asked Lafayette to help channel any spirits in her house.  This was my favorite quote from the show:

Needless to say, they didn't channel the vampire.  Grams was there and helped Sookie locate the newspaper clipping from her parents' death ... which lead her to the old Sheriff, Bud Dearborn.  Turns out, it was a dead end ... and a bad move.  Bud's new girlfriend is actually the leader of the Obama masks. Since she's not human ...they take her of course.

Jason & Sheriff Andy are on the trail of who is behind the Obama masks.  Sam and Luna are flies on the wall ... literally ... because they're determined to help.  After watching online videos posted by the Obama masks, they locate who is behind the masks and where they are.

Meanwhile. at the Authority, Eric is trying to figure out a way out of the headquarters.  He inquires the help of Deb from Napoleon Dynamite Molly and lets Bill know of their plan to escape.

Bill also sleeps with a Salome/Sookie/Lillith concoction.  It's a bloody mess and while it's obviously portraying his conflicting thoughts, it was weird.

Back at Bon Temps, Arlene has been taken hostage by Patrick so that Terry would give up to the curse.  After a scuffle between Patrick & Terry, Arlene turns bad ass and turns the gun on Patrick.  The ghost lady shows up and encourages Terry ... he shoots Patrick.  The fire-ghost-curse-thing then takes Patrick's body and BOOM, curse lifted.

Jason, Andy and the shape-shifter PIs find the farm where the Obama masks are.  They rescue everyone and throw the masks in jail.

Now that all of the issues are resolved at Bon Temps, the season ends right?

Not even close.  

Russel Edgington has taken Luna's daughter from the pack that he provides his blood to.  How are they going to get her back?

Eric proceeds to escape, but is stopped by Salome and guards.  Bill has ratted him out, and for his "own good."  Eric surrenders but we now realize Bill is just as cracked out as the rest of these vamps.  We've even found out that Eric has been removed as Sheriff of his area - and Fangtasia has been taken over by vamps feeding on humans ... in the bar.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  We also meet Alcide's dad this episode (Robert Patrick)... turns out he's a lone wolf too.

There are only 3 episodes left this season ... and I can't wait.  Even though the promo was poorly done, the one thing that caught my eye is someone laying in a grave ... I think Jessica was with them.  Is Jason or Hoyt going to become a vamp??

Anyway, here's the preview for just next week's ep, Gone, Gone, Gone:

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