Monday, August 13, 2012

True Blood Ep 58: Gone, Gone, Gone

I'm about to be Gone, Gone, Gone too.  As this season moves on, I'm becoming less and less convinced that I actually still like the series.  Anyone else?  It just seems overly dramatic,like the last episode is going to be Sookie wake up and the whole season was a dream or something ...

Anyhow, on to the episode recap...

The coroner was a new baby vamp that tried to eat Sookie, so she staked him.  Turns out the new Vampire Sheriff (Elijah) that has taken over for Eric, demands 30 new vamps are created in his jurisdiction.  Bad ass vamp Tara doesn't like Elijah's takeover, so she takes matters into her own hands and kills him.  This can only lead to bad things...
Even though this season is going down hill, Tara is still my fave.

Vamps at the Authority are pissed at Molly & Eric.  They stake Molly with the device she invented (detonated by an iPhone no-less), which I'm a little upset about.  I would have liked to see her as a reoccurring vamp.  The head vamps continue their quest to take over mankind.

Jason & Sookie continue to search for clues into their parent's death.  Jason, being the great cop he is, went and looked under Gran's bed again ... under the floor boards that is.  Turns out there's a box with a letter ... which is written in some kind of hieroglyphic language...

We learn Hoyt is okay, well medically speaking.  Poor guy's been through a lot.  His Mama picks him up from the hospital, where she spent every waking minute watching over him so Jessica, the "Cheeto Headed Tramp" didn't give him her blood.  During the drive home he drops a bomb on her.  He's moving to Alaska to take up oil drilling...

Back at headquarters, a worn out Eric is forced to drink Lillith's blood again with his sister.  As Bill watches from a distant room, Godrick, not Lillith, appears.  He explains that they are on the path of destruction.  However, dear old 'Lil appears and she's not too happy about this so she rips him to shreds.  Geez Godrick, two ultimate deaths?

As  Bill watches on he can see that Eric & his sister are just talking to nothing.  Nothing is there, there's no Lillith, no Godrick.  Does he now realized that they're all just high as kites?

Meanwhile, Hoyt is wrapping up all the loose ends in town before he departs.  Including Jason & Jessica.  I have to say, this was one of my favorite scenes of the episode, it's really the most genuine.  Hoyt has been ripped to shreds, physically and mentally over the past season.  His last request is that Jessica glamours him so he won't remember either Jessica or Jason ever existing in his life.  Poor guy ..I'm a bit disappointed if this means it's the last time we'll see Hoyt.

Jason & Sookie have visited a professor, only to find out that the letter under Gran's bed is probably nonhuman (surprise, surprise).  Jason has a mini-breakdown about Hoyt & they venture to find the fairies.  On the way Jason pulls over Hoyt - he truly has no recollection of him at all....only Sookie.

Jessica is dealing with a new issue ... Bill.  He's called for her to come to the Authority and gives her the book of Lillith to read with an "open mind."  She's living at the Authority now for her safety and I can tell she's not accepting 'Lil's BS.  I hope she turns out to be the bad ass I've been waiting for.  Her and Tara need to team up.

Eric asks for forgiveness from all of the members of the Authority.  Lillith has come to him  and he is now a believer.  I can't help but think that his acting skills have extremely improved and he's BSing everyone.  In the same scene, Russell freaks out.  He's going to harvest fairy blood so he can walk in the daylight.  All of the other chancellors disagree with him, but since he's older and stronger than all of them it's hard to challenge him.  Then, he's off ... I bet he's going to cause trouble for Sookie.

Speaking of dear Sook, she and Jason have visited the fairies to have them read the letter they found.  It's in ancient fairy language, so it's a good thing Maurella is 500 (and pregnant! I'm guessing it's Sheriff Andy's baby...why? Will this be a weird hybrid baby?).  We find out that the letter was written back in the 1700s and an ancient Stackhouse promised the vampire that killed Sook & Jason's parents the first fare born heir, aka Sookie.  However we're not really sure what the Stackhouse got in return...

Few things I would like to mention about this episode:
- In real life Sookie & Bill are preggo with twins.  Thus, Sookie has really been covering up whether it's the air mattress she's bringing to Jason's or the pillow she's holding.  She's going to have to work off that baby weight so she has more intimate scenes with vampires and other kinds of life. See some screenshots here.
- Bill is a bible pusher but knows that the visions of Lillith aren't real ... is it an act?
- Where the F is Alcide and his bod?

In next week's preview Bill is the apparent "chosen one," Russel is cray cray and Jason is a sitting duck because all humans are "food."  From the preview, I'm guessing Jessica turns him.  I'm a bit disappointed about this, I like him being a regular 'ole human!

What are your thoughts?  Are you still hooked on this show??


  1. I could only read half way because I haven't watched it yet and don't want any spoilers! What I REALLY need to know is WHO WRITES THE TRUE BLOOD ARTICLES? Because I love this season! Nerdy Trash, I'm lookin at YOU! --Italian Trash

    1. Hahaha, I wish it was me!! But Sexy Fash got on that way faster than I did lol

      I love this season too!