Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: WhAt Lies BeneAth

Since I watched the episode this morning, I had heard a lot of social media chatter about last night episode ... needless to say I don't really think it measured up to the suspense.  I was expecting something really big and'll see...

Hanna finds a letter on her back porch that was written to Emily from Maya.  I can only imagine it was put there during of Emily's time living at Hanna's.  It was dated the day that she went missing, it was asking Emily to meet her somewhere but it has since faded...

Ezra and Aria are still "fighting."  Aria is obviously bothered by the mysterious Maggie and continues to question how much it costs to make someone disappear.  Ezra continues to confirm that he's looked for her over and over, confirming he really is a good guy.

Wren runs into Hanna, he wants her.  She denies him.  Poor guy, I really feel he's striking out in the women department on this show and he's so darn cute!  Wren if you're reading this, call me ... maybe.

Spencer and Emily talk about some stuff:  Toby's gone, Spencer's getting Bs ... yada yada yada.

Ella's dating the owner of the coffee shop.  He even brings her lunch and some bubbly to school!  BTW where is the school's security?  Anyway I think they're super cute, no matter the age difference!  Too bad Aria walks in mid-makeout.  AWKWARD.  There's an even more awkward exchange between Ella & Aria.  Later we learn that Ella is dating a slew of men but the coffee-man is not; Aria & Ella continue to chat about dating over yoga mats.  In the end, Aria approves and we see her protective side.  Yo go Glenn Coco.

To keep herself distracted from Caleb's absence (for Caleb's safety, they're not dating), Hanna blows up pictures from Maya's website.  Good thing, they realize Maya's been to the Kahn's cabin a lot ... even during the day.

Spencer, being Spencer, is sneaking around the boy's locker room.  She's looking in and around Noel's locker but doesn't find anything. ...Except for Noel.  He catches her snooping.  Girl, maybe you do need to be getting straight As, because you've fallen off your A game.  (no "A" pun intended).

Hanna & Emily find Maya's bag in the cabin.  They realize Maya was staying there during the time she said she was headed to San Fran.  When looking through stuff, someone locks them in the room.  All windows and doors have been bolted shut and cellphone service has also been revoked.  When they try to break through a window Hanna cuts her leg and Emily turns in to a badass and busts them out of there!  After escaping, A has left them a nice little note...

Spencer receives an email from Noel, it's the security footage from the cabin the night Maya died.

Hanna & Emily get back to Hanna's house.  She refuses to go to the ER for her badly cut leg.  Emily calls the doc they have on speed dial, Wren.  After he stitches her up and feeds her dinner, he gets awfully close to her.  Hanna ignores the advance and thanks him for saving the day.  Seriously...Wren.  Call. Me.

Earlier in the episode Nate freaks out on Jenna for not showing up for their date.  Emily finds him on her doorstep after getting back from the cabin to apologize. Nate is still creepy, anyone else?  After bonding over Maya's newly found stuff, they make out and Paige sees them from a far ... ut oh Emily...

Ezra & Aria watch black and white movies together.  Cute.  Things are still awkward between them.  We find out why... Ezra found Maggie but has yet to contact her.  Anyone else think we're going to find a mini-Ezra running around somewhere?  Or maybe he'll leave Aria for his long lost love?

Ella visits her new boo. She fesses up that she's been dating other boo-boos.  They decide to take things a little more serious and start dating.  I'm pretty sure she lubs him.

Paige knows Emily smooched Nate, but has yet to tell her.  Before swim practice they have a little pow-wow.  They get interrupted before either one can mention the boy-girl kiss on both of their minds.  Who thinks Paige is the betrAyer?  My question, why isn't NATE on that list??

Spencer has yet to leave her computer, which is a good thing.  Maya was at the Kahn's cabin the night she died, alone.  After Maya sneaks into the cabin we see Noel & Jenna pull up.  After they've gone inside, we see Maya is sneaking out.  From the note earlier, my guess is to see Emily.  Before she can go anywhere, Maya's pulled out of the frame of the security footage.  Since Garrett was arrested at Spencer's house earlier that night we now know neither Noel, Jenna or Garrett killed Maya.

The latest revelation:  A prefers Wheel of Fortune over the news.

Anyone else a bit disappointed?  I think it was kind of a tease, I would have liked a little more truth revealed and a lot less dating.  'Cmon we're trying to catch a killer here, not get married!

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