Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Single Fright Female

I'm a little disappointed.  With all of this betrAying, I was hoping for a big revelation last night.  I guess that's what next week's for.  Nevertheless, Aria's storyline kept my interest...

We're welcomed into the episode with an Ian flashback, reminding us of the flash drive Spencer hurled in the church.

After struggling to find an outfit that covers her stitches, Hanna and Spencer overhear Hanna's mom's new boy toy, Pastor Ted, talk about a flash drive he found in his church.  Turns out the responsible adults want to turn it into police, but not before Ashley (Hanna's mom) watches it...

Happy Birthday, Ezra!  Here's some ... lilacs?  So sweet.  Anyway, he's too busy thinking about Maggie to celebrate his aging process.

Dear old CeCe is back in high school.  Turns out she's promoting her boutique's trunk show.  The application to college wasn't the only thing Spencer is flaking on.  After apologizing, Spencer agrees to help CeCe.  After seeing Paige CeCe reveals the history of Paige & Alison.  They weren't too friendly.  Spencer goes to Emily with this new found information, she obviously doesn't want to hear it...

I'm glad to see Hanna is still in contact with Caleb, even if it is just through messaging across school computers.  They are my favorite.  You know who is still NOT my favorite?  Nate.  He is clueless and creepy.  Speaking of Nate, Emily tells Paige about the kiss.  Contrary to the anger she exerted on some trashcans the night she caught them, she seemed quite understanding.  Maybe she is a bit evil...

Clever little Aria finds Ezra's Maggie and pays her a visit.  She goes undercover as an undergrad wanting to shadow a teacher.  My suspicions were right.  Ezra has an awfully cute son and  Maggie Alex Mack is super sweet, there's no way we can hate her.  However, I still think Aria should just have left this one alone ...
Side note:  The timelines in this show really annoy me sometimes.  If the Liars live outside of Philadelphia, Aria couldn't just hop a train to Wilmington, stay the day at a school and make it back in time to cook dinner.  Not possible.

Ashley watches the flash drive and finds footage of herself with the creepy detective.  She destroys it and Hanna takes the blame when the Pastor asks to give it to police.  Good one Han, now go help Spencer.

Spencer need serious help.  CeCe is talking to a distributor while Spencer is trying on a dress.  Looks like A is there, since she gets locked in with a snake and all.  Now to me the snake looks quite harmless, but does it have a deeper meaning?  Is A calling Spencer a snake?  Maybe for ratting Paige out to Emily?

Aria gets back to Ezra's apartment in plenty of time to make dinner (weird).  His brother, Wesley, shows up and she spills the beans about Maggie.  I'm actually thankful they brought Wes into the show.  At first I thought he had an ulterior motive, but I think I was wrong.  Ezra returns home, ready to celebrate.  Turns out he talked to Maggie ... she's happy and successful - but seems to leave out the fact that she has a kid...

Back at the trunk show, Caleb surprises Hanna in the dressing room.  Emily and Paige have shown up to help.  In Spencer fashion, she & Han go through Paige's bag.  Emily catches them and freaks (I would too), however they find something.  It's not quite clear what it is, but my guess is it's Ali's red earring...

We're left with Emily & Paige on a front porch.  Paige reveals the truth behind her and Ali's relationship. When Paige steps inside, Jenna appears to warn Emily to watch who she hangs out with.  She seems on edge and quickly hops into a cab, with bags.  Paige returns with a sly look  ... I don't like that.

Oh and now there are TWO As.   I'm not surprised.

What I've gathered from next week's season finale previews:
  • Maggie & Ezra meet. Aria looks surprised, I don't think this is her doing...ut oh.
  • 3 out of 4 liars are at Ali's empty grave.
  • Emily is covered in blood.
  • Paige looks like she's been through the ringer.
  • Mona escapes & Toby's back.
  • Hanna looks mortified- is someone hurt or dead? Is it Ashley, Mona or Caleb?
  • Aria is wearing some horrendous shiny blue skirt.
I'm 95% sure my predictions are mostly wrong.  Buuut, dis is gunna be goooood.

What did you think of this week's episode?  Xo.

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