Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: S3E8, Stolen Kisses

To me, this episode was a little all over the place.  Anyone else agree?
We begin with the girls are trying to crack the password.  It's not going so well...

For most of the episode Emily hangs out with Nate at a lake house known to her and Maya.  They talk about Jenna, throw rocks and Emily wears a hat that doesn't fit her.
Anyone else think Nate is quite creep-tastic?

Drama is definitely following Aria in this episode.  Byron informs Aria that his hussie girlfriend got a job at Rosewood High ... where Ella works.  Oh geez Byron, that seems like a great idea.  I mean I hear teaching jobs are hard to come by, but still!
He also talks about Mike and Aria needing to make a salad, I'm glad to see she isn't leaving alone - Byron and Mike have been MIA for awhile.

After that revelation, Aria enters Ezra's apartment exclaiming "Okay Marine, drop and give me 20" (I'm confused by this reference).  Except she's greeted by his diamond-dotting mother.  Ahhh, the money in the drawer.  She invites Aria and Ezra to a benefit ... maybe she approves of Aria?

While Hanna & Spencer are trying to crack, Wren texts Hannah saying they need to talk.  We presume it's about Mona, but you really never know with the doctor that likes to make out with high school girls.  Anyway, Toby barges in and expresses his strong concern regarding Jason - who is missing.  He's also determined to find out what is going on with all of them ... which I think means he's leaving town?  I'm a little confused by his rages sometimes.

Emily confronts Paige about why she got sick from the flask but Paige kind of blows her off.  She makes a date to meet her for coffee...

Hanna meets Wren at the coffee shop.  He explains that they're trying to relocate Mona to a different facility.  She gets pissy (probably because her and the other liars won't be able to ask her for clues) and later we learn that she can address a panel to convince them to let Mona stay.  While they're at the coffee shop Hanna sees the rumors are true - Caleb is back in town.  The exchange between them is more than awkward, there are no words and Wren's presence just makes it even worse.

After getting the approval from Hanna, Spencer asks Caleb for help with cracking a password.  He agrees because he still cares for Hanna, yadda yadda yadda.  Long story short, it works and they broke into
Spencer soon hears from A via text, the first time in what feels like forever. "Mona's almost gone. Hanna's next. -A"

Once Aria realizes Spencer will have the best fashion advice about pearls and cardigans, she asks her to help choose her outfit for the date with Ezra's mom.  When they get to Spencer's house, they find Spencer's mom's briefcase and of course look through it.  They find documents about Maya's death and the case against Garrett.  As they read deeper they learn about a guy that Spence's mom needs to crack in order to win the case.
It turns out it's a guy named Bart that works at the Rosewood Movie Theatre.  Aria finds him and asks, as sheepishly as she can, about Maya.  Turns out Maya got in a car with Garrett the night she died...

Emily finally meets up with Paige and they go for a run.  Sounds like a great way to talk to me (not).  Emily blurts out that she drank from the flask in question the night Ali's body was found - Paige knows.   Emily showed up at Paige's house that night and could hardly stand up.  One more piece to the puzzle ...

Fashion crisis adverted, Aria and Ezra attended the benefit/reception thingy.  Aria learns she knows very little  about Ezra's family.  Turns out they're rich ... like 'we own lots of art and fancy schools' rich.  Ezra doesn't accept his family and has even shortened his last name to avoid them.  Long story short, Aria speaks with Ezra's mom and she blames Aria for everything that has happened to her son.  His mom even offers Aria some money to stay away from him.  Aria leaves, offended beyond belief.  Ezra confronts his mother but she is only full of lies.  Poor kids...

Back at the nut house, Hanna is dressed in  her mother's clothing and pleading with a board to allow Mona to stay.  She makes a comparison between herself and Mona ... which I thought was going to land her in the looney bin too.  Turns out it does the opposite, Mona can stay.  Then she kisses Wren.  Awkward and not necessary.

In the end all of the liars, minus Emily, are looking through at Spencer's place.  They are continually calling Emily, but turns out she had a busy night.  She was creeped out at the lake house by Nate and then went to visit Paige.  Turns out she really likes her.  They even make out and go skinny dipping.  The other 3 liars continue to call Emily because the videos of Maya are getting creepy/scary...

Stay Tuned:  Next week Spencer freaks out because she almost forgets to apply to college with all the "A" bs, Noel throws a party, we meet Ezra's brother, Emily learns about the website and I'm pretty sure Caleb says he's "A" (and is probably kidding).

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  1. AJ "Diva Trash"August 1, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Totally agree with you Jes...
    1) I want to like Nate, but something just isn't right there.
    2)Love Toby and his abs but he confuses me many times.
    3) The Hanna speech was unecessary