Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: The Kahn Game

Caleb is back ... but so is Noel.

I'm not going to lie, this episode got intense at times.  All because Spencer forgot to apply to U Penn.

First off I would like to say that I'm so glad Caleb is back.  He's a way better actor than Toby and I can't help but love him and Hanna when they're together.

In this episode, Emily is on Maya's website the whole time.  She's crying through the entries and videos .. poor girl.  Even though some of Maya's stuff was entirely too cliche, I still felt for her.

As for the other 3...

Hanna gets a text from "A" saying to meet her at the Grille.  She needs to come alone or Caleb suffers (again).  In the meantime the court has subpoenaed Hanna's blood, luckily Spencer's mom is a lawyer.  Hanna's mom found out (during dinner with the pastor) that thanks to Spence's mom, she doesn't need to give a drop.

Spencer & Aria run into CeCe at the coffee shop.  Spencer mentions that she forgot to submit her application to college and CeCe says she knows someone on the admissions board at UPenn.  He's conveniently going to be at a party tonight, Spencer agrees to go.

Aria goes to visit Ezra after school to sort everything out.  She literally runs into his brother, Wesley, in the hallway.  They were having some kind of argument about money.  Turns out Ezra has to get back that Jag he sold ... and pay double.  Ohhhhhh family/money drama...

Aside from Hanna ignoring Wren's call, she goes to the Grille.  Turns out "A" was Caleb ... well, just this time.  She spills the beans about A, Caleb is convinced he's going to help the liars find "A" and they have an intense make-out sesh.  Way to go guys.

Spencer & Aria join CeCe and head to the party.  Turns out, it's at Noel Kahn's lake house.  Not only that, the stamps to get in are the same ones that Maya had on her wrist ... the plot thickens.

Spencer hands over her application to CeCe, since Steven (guy from UPenn) isn't there yet.  They head into the game room, where they play Truth or Dare. We meet Noel's older brother, Eric, and learn that CeCe and him have a bit of history.  Soon after, Noel & Jenna arrive.

After they demonstrate how it's done...Aria jumps in with Noel.  Lots of things come flying back...including Noel's attempt in incriminate Ezra.  Aria gets upset and once they're done she heads outside.  She tells the girls that she has a "boyfriend on speed dial" that can pick her up. Turns out Ezra's not around, Wesley answers the phone and promises to give the message. 

Spencer heads back inside because it's her turn with Jenna. What do we learn?  Noel was with her when they found Emily that night .... at a diner, not in the road.  Jenna knows that they weren't at the lake house that night either.  Jenna just wants the incriminating videos of her that associates her with Ali's death.  The buzzer tolls right as soon as Spencer says she'll give the videos if she tells her where Ali's body is ... 

When Aria is picked up, it's not Ezra...

Wesley accidently spills the beans about "Maggie."  The girl Ezra impregnated in high school ... wait, whaaaaat?   When Ezra tried to do the right thing, turns out Mommy Dearest paid her off to get it "taken care of."  I'm guessing she terminated the pregnancy & in return couldn't contact Ezra ever again. Thus, his disowning his family.  After Ezra explained, I wasn't quite sure what Aria was going to do.  Leave or stay?  She seemed to stay....however I don't think this is situation is gong to end here...

After the game of Truth is over, Spencer convinces CeCe to leave (after CeCe's quick fling with Eric).  CeCe explains Steven was there for only a few minutes & she gave him Spencer's application to UPenn.  I find this hard to believe ...

Spence gets home, picks up the phone and leaves a voicemail for someone.  I'm guessing it's Toby.  Then, she gets an email.  From UPenn Admissions.  Her app was received.  WAIT.  It took less than an hour for UPenn's Admission's Office to receive her application.  Anyone else think this is entirely crazy?
My questions:
  • Will U Penn accept my grad school app in less than an hour?
  • Did Spencer's application really get to UPenn Admissions?
  • Does the detective really need Hanna's blood or is he just trying to get back at her mom?
  • Do we think "Maggie" really "took care" of the baby? Or is there a baby Ezra around somewhere?
  • Where has A been?  And Jason?
Next Week:
  • Wren's baaaaack!
  • Jenna & Noel continue this 'romance' of theirs.
  • Aria's mom is dating the coffee shop owner!
  • Who is betraying everyone....??

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