Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: The BetrAyal

At the end of last season's Pretty Little Liars, viewers were counting down the days until "A Day," the big reveal of our four favorite Rosewood residents' infamous stalker. Since then, we've discovered that it's loser-turned-psychopath, Mona Vanderwaal. Well.... kind of. She's basically the elf of the real ho, ho, ho in charge. But we've still yet to see who that is.

This year, we're promised to find out another member of "The A Team" during the finale on August 28. (We're sure we won't find out THE A, but at least un-mAsking another worker bee is one step closer to finding the Queen...)

ABC Family has posted a suspect tracker, listing 12 suspects that viewers can vote on to guess who the "betrAyer" will be.

Our bets are on Paige since she's the only character nobody gives a shit about... Let's be real - it's not Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily... or their parents. We'd love if Ezra was A, but preferably if he was the BIG BAD, not an accomplice.

Who do YOU think the newest member of the A Team is!? Cast your vote in the comments section!!

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