Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PLL Finale: I TOLD YOU. That ish crAy.


We're welcomed into the season finale with someone deceased and a very distraught Hanna, but of course we don't learn who it is - we go back 3 days.

The liars, sans Emily, are still worried about Paige and Emily's safety when she's with her.  They're staging intervention for Em, all while the trial beings for Maya's murder (Garrett is on trial) - reporters are everywhere.

Aria tells Hanna about Ezra's son, Han urges her to tell him she knows.  Later, Aria's hanging out with Ezra there's a knock at the door ... it's Maggie!  She pretends like she doesn't know Aria and convinces her not to tell Ezra about his son (Malcom).  She reluctantly agrees.

There's major drama between Paige and the other liars.  Paige threatens Spenc for coming between her relationship with Emily.  Later on Emily tells Paige about there being someone else other than Mona, simultaneously Paige gets a text from A.

Seems like a trend, all of the liars receive texts from A - where have these been?  We haven't seen this in awhile... A is even high tech, sending pics of them at Ali's grave to Spencer's iPad.

We soon find out Mona is still involved in the A-scene.  She's been scheming her way out of the nut house every night as a nurse.  I'm convinced she's been doing that for awhile.

Reporters are still everywhere, so Emily is going out of town with Nate.  I can't help but think Danger Will Robinson.  We all know I don't trust him ... even Em's mom is concerned!

Oh no, terrible Toby is back.  Spencer and the Tob-ster run into each other on the street.  There was a dizzy camera spin, Caleb understands Spenc, they kiss - yada vomit yada.

The liars are supposed to be meeting A at Ali's grave with Maya's bag to see who dug her up (how morbid). Caleb has gotten a gun to protect them -- I'm glad Caleb is watching the liars' backs! So, Caleb has a gun & Mona has traded her nurses uniform for a black hoodie.

There's like an hour long love scene between Toby & Spencer.  During which Hanna gets Maya's bag, Emily is away with Nate and Aria is unsure of her situation with Ezra and his love child.  BTW:  Isn't Toby in high school?? Why does he have a job in bucks county?  Anyhow, Spencer & Toby declare that they "love" each other, but I think Toby's mind is somewhere else...

We find Mona in a room covered in dolls, scary clowns & pics of Alison .. along with another black hooded friend.  Meanwhile, at Ali's grave the 3 liars & caleb are waiting for A.  At the cabin, Emily gets a scary phone call.  The liars & Caleb realize they're in the wrong place, so they head to find Em.

Emily's current situation is getting creepy.  She makes a connection between Nate, paint on his shoes & Maya.  I knew we couldn't trust this guy!!  Nate is scary, I always told you guys!  Turns out he was Maya's stalker (and killer) over the years, he's not Nate at all.  He brought Paige with him to the cabin and he plans on killing her in front of Emily. Emily uses her quick thinking skills and runs away.

The liars are on their trail, but wind up at the wrong cabin. Caleb might be heading to the right place...

Emily winds up in a lighthouse tower, she protects herself and stabs 'Nate.'  Caleb has found her, sets down the gun and we hear it go off.  Turns out Caleb was shot, thus Hanna's distraught face.  He's not dead - just seriously injured. "Nate," however is the deceased.  Paige had nothing to do with any of this after all (as I suspected).

Spencer's mom tells Em at the hospital that she's helped save an innocent victim .... Garrett is free, "Nate" was the real killer.  I still think Garrett's a creep-a-zoid.

The end is the most shocking.  We learn Mona has been planting all of the things that had lead the liars to Paige.  She's been creeping out of the nuthouse quite often with another black hooded friend.  Wanna know who it is ...

NO EFFING WAY.  I don't fully believe it, but his demeanor kind of fits it.  He's been working hard to get close to the leader of the liars, Miss Spencer, not to mention her 'rents.  It's very good play on the writer's part- most of us already had Toby ruled out awhile back.

However, I still think there's another "A."  I don't see Toby being the brains behind this entire operation.

I've surveyed and here are the guesses of who another 'A' could be:

  • Wren.  He has tried to get in the middle of Hanna & Caleb.  Not to mention he has full access to help Mona roam the streets at night.
  • Ezra. I'm not convinced.  He has his own drama going on and enough of it.
  • A parent.  I'm thinking someone's dad, they've all been so quiet or non-existent!
  • Some say Toby joined team A, to help the liars out.  After his conversation with Spencer in the last episode he was in, that makes sense - however that's way too easy.
  • One of the liars themselves...
What are your thoughts about the newly revealed "A" counterpart?  Quite surprising!  Do you think there's another A out there?

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