Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet Rachel's New Man!

Well, damn. 

When the cat's away, the mice will play. And in this case, while the cat that sent the mouse to New York to follow her dream while he works hard, getting ready to save the nation at war, the mouse will definitely play.

And the cheese she found is very, very hot. We'd be so bold to call it jalepeno.

That's right, folks - this season of Glee finds Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) alone in New York. Without a boyfriend or best friend there, she turns to a foxy upper-classman, Brody Westman (played by Dean Geyer). All we can say is... Cheat, Rachel, Cheat!!!

We at Sexy Trash have NEVER been "Finnchel" fans, but from promos alone, we can safely say we fully support "WestBerry."

...he's even hotter than Trouty Mouth. Am I right, ladies??


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  1. HELLO!!!!! Owww owww mama likes. I hope there are some fun duets that we can reenact at Sexytrash. :)