Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Friday: The Evolution of Boy Band Fashion

Since seeing 98 Degrees on the Today Show this morning, I haven't stopped cheesing!  So, I figured I'd bring my boy band joy over to SexyTrash today.  First, here's a sneak peak into what my morning consisted of ...

Let's get to it ... Fashion Friday presents:  The evolution of boy band fashion!

The 1980s

New Kids on the Block
Big hair and even bigger patterns were THE statement of the 80s.  The popularity of NKOTB went right along with that theme ... big.  Since their decade of reign in the mid-80s they've made a BIG comeback and their style has become more refined.

The 1990s

Who can forget the bleached hair of the 90s?  I am very happy this decade's fashion is in the past, it wasn't exactly ... fashion.  Baggy t-shirts and Jenco jeans.  What were they/all of us thinking??  

Side note: How CUTE is Lance??

Backstreet Boys
Another victim of 90s fashion.  We all know Nick loved the bowl cut and it seems that they always followed the matching, over sized shirts and pants trend.  

Also known as, the brothers with hair longer than mine.  I sure did love them back in the 90s.  MmmmBop is still a frequented song on my iTunes.  That being said, I'm glad the long hair is long gone.  We've seen them come back into the lime-lite, with shorter hair and kids of their own.  Geez, I'm old.

98 Degrees
I can't.  The hair, the hats, the over-sized jackets.  Where do I begin?  
I'm not going to, I'm just going to love them.

Early 2000s

The spawn of an MTV show, some of us will never forget our calculus.  
As far as the fashion goes, we notice clothes are starting to fit a little better, the bleach blonde tips are growing out but those silver chains and hideous blue sunglasses still haven't left...

Another spawn of a TV show, we see common fashion statements.  The matching, shiny denim trends are still around.  As well as dreads - remember those?  Oh yeah and Ashley Parker Angel, I'll never forget you.

They could dance, they could sing and they could dance.  Did I say that already?  They are quite fashionable, but I could do without are those hats.  Who said denim can go anywhere?  We should not be wearing jean jackets with jean pants either, even if they match.  It's just not a good statement.  Just sayin'


The Jonas Brothers
Umm...well...clothes are less over-sized.  However I'm afraid they're a little too small.  Can we find a happy medium somewhere?  And without a scarf & cardigan?  Maybe shorter hair?  Can someone please explain the skinny jean trend for boys to me?  No me gusta.

One Direction
They're from England, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.  I'd stay they're a little more boy-ish than in the Jonas'.  The clothes are a bit looser, we still have scarves and one guy without a shirt, but the hair is less-Justin Bieber.  I'm very happy about that.

Your Favorite
It's hard to put a finger on my favorite boy band of all time.  There are so many that I haven't listed here ... LFO, DreamStreet, Boys II Men, New Edition.  But there is one thing I will say, the fashions seem to come and go right along with the trending band.  

My favorite fashion trends of boy bands would have to be the come-back style.  NKOTB, Backstreet Boys and now 98 Degrees look a lot more polished with their more mature, revamped styles.  What do you think? Who is your favorite?

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