Thursday, August 23, 2012

Annnnnd we're back.

So after the olympics and a week of "I think SYTYCD is running out of ideas, so let's do a Mia Michaels re-dance week....", our favorite movers and shakers are back.

We're down to the top 10 this week after voting off 4 people last week.  We sadly lost, Matthew, Dereian, Janelle, and Amelia. We know one or more Sexy Trash staff were glad to finally see Amelia go.

But here we are....TOP 10....the competition is tough and they need to step up their game.  There are some very talented dancers this year, and they showed it.

This week started off with a fun broadway routine featuring some old Hollywood movie greats, especially making a tribute to Gene Kelly. Check it out if you get a chance, the video is hard to find for some unknown reason!

Let's move on to the fun part, our now top 10 will be paired with ALL STARS!!!

Starting off with a bang and a fun, energetic disco routine was Tiffany and Season 5 All Star, Brandon.  There were some fantastic lifts and moments that left me going, WOW!

The next dance came from one of my season favorites and a great all star!  Here we see Witney and Season 1 All Star, Nick take on a....wait for it....TRAVIS WALL jazz routine!  I was so excited for this routine, not just only for the dancer's but the choreography as well.  It did not disappoint!  Witney hit every move and Nick was right there with her.

The next dance I wasn't thrilled with, though I'm usually not with ballroom.  However the judges said that Cole paired with Season 3 All Star Anya, did well.  Cole has a slight injury, so we hope he's fully back to himself again soon.

The next dance was Lindsay featuring Season 6 All Star Jakob.  It was a very cool Spencer Liff routine in which Jakob played Lindsay's shadow.  With very cool jazzy Fosse moves, the judges were very pleased and I loved it as well.

The next routine was one of my favorite styles, Bollywood!  Will was paired with Season 6 All Star Kathryn.  It was full of drama and energy, as most Bollywood numbers are.    Both did a very good job in expressing the dance and making it fun!

Next dance was the dark horse of the season, Cyrus paired with Season 3 All Star Jaimie.  Cyrus just comes out of nowhere for EVERY dance and surprises everyone that he can conquer each dance style.  He is also just so fluid and hits every move with strength and confidence.  They took on a Travis Wall Contemporary and the judges loved Cyrus's passion.

The next dance featured Chehon and Season 3 All Star Lauren.  I wasn't very impressed with this dance, and it is one of my favorite styles, Lyrical Hip Hop.  I think I like seeing Chehon in his ballet style more so than hip hop, though his smile and muscles still win me over.

Almost to the end, our next dance was George and Season 2 All Star Allison doing a Tasty Oreo Tyce Diorio jazz routine.  I, sorry I know people may like him, am not a George fan and I didn't really enjoy the dance.  I didn't think the connection was really there, but, hey I'm no choreographer.  I just wasn't impressed.  

This next dance WAS a boom BANG BANG indeed!!!! It featured Eliana, another favorite of mine and All Star Alex Wong, who I am a BIG FANSIE (Newsies reference) of.  It was beautiful and very sensual and they were together as one the entire time.  The dance even received a triple judge standing ovation! I absolutely loved it, and love them both.

Last but not least we have Audrey and one of my ABSOLUTELY favorite dancers Twitch! This dance could have been horrible, not like it would be with Twitch, and I still would have loved it.  The story was very cool and of course the two were hitting, popping, and locking like two hip hop vampires should.  I enjoyed it and it was a great way to end the night.

The bottom four came down to Audrey, Witney, George and Chehon.  After much deliberation, the judges chose to save Witney (thank god) and Chehon (again, yay).  So we're down to the top my how this season is flying!


  1. I'm glad Witney is safe. (She's my absolute favorite!) I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Twitch and will gladly have his gay-bies, but I wasn't feeling that dance. At all. VERY lackluster choreography :( I can see why Audrey went home with a routine like that...

  2. Hey, it’s Gene Kelly’s 100th Birthday if he were alive; did anyone notice his widow is like 50? I think besides the L.A. Dance Ballet routine, this episode was the most fun in the whole season. The All Stars really brought a difficulty to the routines that was stunning too. Lately though, I’ve also come to realize that my schedule is just too unpredictable to watch live TV, so I’m really appreciating how my PrimeTime Anytime recordings help me watch the shows I follow. I used to let the shows pile up, but now I get so excited that I can watch without commercials because of Auto Hop that sometimes I get my shows in before I go to work (and more watched each week) while I’m getting ready for going to my job at Dish.