Thursday, August 30, 2012

We KNOW You Can Dance!

Here we are ladies and gents, the top 8 dancers of the season, where has the time gone?!  We are down to the talent of this season FOR sure.  This week all were bringing their "A" game in one way or another and I could have not have been happier.  I'm going to give my happy moments of this week before getting to the rundown.

First of all.......

#1.....JESSE TYLER FERGUSON!  I absolutely ADORE him and could have been happier that he was back as a guest judge for this season.  He's so awe struck yet has some great comments to give to the dancers.   And isn't he just adorable?!?!

#2.....I just have to show you Chehon's solo dance.  UGH! It brought tears to my eyes and I was just...WOW.  He's definitely my favorite guy of the season for a number of reasons.  He is so humble, has a beautiful family story, and puts his heart into his dancing every week.  I love him.  He put 1000% into this dance, as if it were a dance for his life.  Plus at the end, there was his mom, who was seeing him dance full out live, for the first time.  Come ON, tears. Chehon was crying, the judges were standing, his mom was beaming, and even Cat was moved to tears. last top for the night was.....ALEX WONG and his amazing abs.  From one of my favorite dancers last season, to a Newsies, to HELLO sexy sexy now.  LOVE. HIM. Too bad I couldn't find a better picture. :(

Now onto the dances.  All dancers did one dance partnered with an All Star and one solo.  Most solo's, except for the phenomenal one done by Chehon, were good, just nothing I need to post.  You can go look at those in your leisure.

The first dance was Witney and Twitch.  AWESOME pairing.  These two rocked the hip hop and Witney, no surprise her being my favorite anyway, was hitting the "waiting for the bus" move and every step along with it.  I love Twitch and they both complimented each other well.

This next dance was a great pairing and with the flair of Sonya was wonderful yet creepy and haunting.  Cole and Alison took on a horror story of a soulless man and woman who was desperate to love him.  Cole again showed his expertise in playing a character, and working it to 100%.  Alison, a fantastic dancer in her season, showed us she was worthy of being an All Star.  The two played out this haunting tale and left the crowd feeling slightly scared and wowed.

Now as I've said week to week, not a fan of ballroom, HOWEVER, that being said....this next pairing pulled off a quickstep like nobody's business.  I'm a big fan of the 20's/30's era and this dance had all the flair of Chicago mixed with Boardwalk Empire.  Eliana played a wife whose husband, Ryan, came home from work and all she wanted was some attention.  BOY, does she get it.  Watch the careful little kick out of the chair and the FANTASTIC waterfall move near the end. Very cool and excellently danced.

Next we have Alex "Abs" Wong and Lauren.  This dance was very sleek, sexy, and had fantastic moves which they both nailed to a 't'.  However, I did agree with the judges that their chemistry was a bit lacking in it.  At points I saw it, but then felt too much of a disconnect with their "disconnect".  I still think some of the moves, especially Alex's pirouettes, were amazing.

The next dance was a very cool hip hop number performed by Will and Lauren.  I love Lauren ever since her season.  She always puts a lot into her numbers and this was no exception.  This dance was focusing on Will and part of his mind that brings him back down to earth and pushes through the pain. This was new for Will with not only hip hop but that seriousness that was involved in the dance.  It was almost very "Ghost" like, having seen the musical recently and I very much enjoyed it.

The next pairing was BRILLIANT, simply fantastic.  We see Cyrus, now known as "Glitch" and one of my absolute favorites MELANIE!  She is absolutely adorable and a multi-talented dancer for sure.  Cyrus is just, sometimes I have no words, because I just always underestimate his talent.  When I heard Jazz, I thought, this might not be so good.  He really embraced his inner smooth jazziness and how could be not be so cute with Melanie.  Loved it!

The next pairing of the night was my hottie boy Chehon and Anya.  The two were connected so well, it was fantastic.  The dance brought the judges and audience to their feet.  It was so smooth, sensual, and sweet at the same time.  I felt as though we were just watching a couple falling in love with each other and have an intimate moment.  It was beautiful and the technique was simply flawless.  Jesse made the Hot Jalepeno Train to trump Mary's Hot Tamale Train, whatever the heat, whatever the train, they were boarding it.   ALLLLLL ABOARRRRRD!

The last pairing was Tiffany and Ade dancing a contemporary number to Celine's The Power of Love.   I was expecting a lot since the song is an emotional masterpiece.  These two did not disappoint.  Their partnership was great and the trust between them shown through.  The judges again were brought to their feet and sang praises to Tiffany for a job well done.

So now....the elimination.  We were left with the bottom two girls: Lindsay and Witney (ugh again!!!) and bottom two boys: Will and Cole (really?!).  With the judges having a very hard decision, they had to finally decide to eliminate Lindsay and Will.  But never fear, they will both be dancing their hearts out on the tour!

Meet Rachel's New Man!

Well, damn. 

When the cat's away, the mice will play. And in this case, while the cat that sent the mouse to New York to follow her dream while he works hard, getting ready to save the nation at war, the mouse will definitely play.

And the cheese she found is very, very hot. We'd be so bold to call it jalepeno.

That's right, folks - this season of Glee finds Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) alone in New York. Without a boyfriend or best friend there, she turns to a foxy upper-classman, Brody Westman (played by Dean Geyer). All we can say is... Cheat, Rachel, Cheat!!!

We at Sexy Trash have NEVER been "Finnchel" fans, but from promos alone, we can safely say we fully support "WestBerry."

...he's even hotter than Trouty Mouth. Am I right, ladies??


Pilot Prattle: Ben and Kate

Ben and Kate follows a brother/sister duo that couldn't have less in common. Ben "never grew up" and often barges in on Kate and her daughter, disrupting her life without apology. Kate "grew up too fast," getting pregnant young and being left to raise her daughter by herself.

While Kate is finally growing close to a relationship, Ben drops in unannounced. Again. This time, he's here to see what his ex-girlfriend is up to. As he's spying on her with Kate's daughter, Maddie, he finds out the ex is getting married. Clearly, the only rational thing is for the whole gang to crash the wedding.

...we're sorry, what?

 After crashing the wedding doesn't work (Really? Who would have seen that coming?), Ben decides to stay with Kate for a little and help raise Maddie.

On paper, it's cute. In actuality, it's not very funny. The cast is made up of a bunch of people that you sit watching and trying to figure out where you've seen them before ("Isn't that.... he was in... I think I've seen him before? In 2002?"), and while their fifteen minutes as comedic relief may have made you laugh in Bad Teacher or Grosse Pointe, together they make you roll your eyes.

The saving grace for this show is Kate's daughter, Maddie. Call us sentimental, but a little girl getting wrapped into adult hi-jinx always makes us laugh.

You don't have to take our word for it - we've read some great reviews about the pilot. You're just not going to find one here. Sorry.

Pilot Prattle: The New Normal currently has a selection of their upcoming fall pilots available for previewing, and we were lucky enough to check out The New Normal. The latest brainchild of Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story, Popular), the show focuses on a gay couple (Andrew Rannelis and Justin Bartha) as they plan to add a branch to their family tree.

The story also follows a young waitress who lives with her daughter and her highly conservative grandmother (Ellen Barkin). After finding out her husband is cheating on her, she realizes she's spent her whole life NOT following her dreams and flees to California with her daughter. While there, she discovers a way to make something of her life and to make some quick money: by becoming a surrogate.

You can put two and two together and figure out that this is exactly who the couple turns to... after unsuccessfully teaming up with Gwyneth Paltrow's dopple-ganger (played by Gwyneth Paltrow).

Barkin steals the show as the new Sue Sylvester, slinging hate and irrelevant zingers to everyone that gets in her way and doesn't share her opinions. Some of our favorites included calling an Asian woman "Hello Kitty" and discussing a gay man's obsession with naming pets after Broadway characters. However, her best scene was with Atlanta Housewife, Nene Leakes, who we also are willing to bet will become an audience favorite. She certainly won us over, and we pray that these two share a lot more screen time together.

 Will it be our favorite new show of the season? Probably not, but it does have heart and manages to make us belly laugh with some zesty one-liners. Everything that Glee season one gave us is back, but this time, we know to enjoy it while we can because with Murphy, a terrible season two will be quickly approaching.

Movie Review: Bachelorette

Bachelorette (Not to be confused with the god-awful reality show) is a new movie starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Cloverfield), Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, ) and Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect) and hits theaters September 7, but you can preview it On Demand and on iTunes before then. Our friend on the site and in real life, Anthony C, previewed the movie and gave us a short review. Check it out below!!


Bachelorette, the stage play-turned-movie written by first-time director Leslye Headland, is less Bridesmaids and more Mean Girls by way of The Hangover. Kirsten Dunst (following up a terrific performance in Melancholia) is dynamite as Regan, the type-A leader of the B Faces, a group of hard-partying friends reunited to be in the wedding of Becky (Rebel Wilson), a plus-sized girl they used to call “Pig Face” back in high school. Regan is the Maid of Honor, furious that she’s not the one getting married first. Lizzy Caplan plays Gena, a ball of cynicism and nicotine, anxious to be reunited with Clyde (Adam Scott), who broke up with her years ago when things got too heavy. Isla Fisher rounds out the group as the vivacious but dim-witted Katie, stuck at a dead-end retail job. 

The night before the wedding, the three girls commiserate over a ton of coke and as a joke, decide to play with Becky’s wedding dress. It accidentally rips. The film takes us over next twelve hours as they begin a debauchery-filled adventure to try and repair it. At its black heart, Bachelorette is a small comedy about the dark side of female friendship. Not feeling deep? Just enjoy the pretty people doing drugs and having mindless sex just to feel something. At a tight 88 minutes, the movie flies by, but Headland loses steam in the third act by trying to change the tone from caustic to heartfelt. Too late, but not too much of a problem. The performances (Fisher steals the show) are enough to coast on. Dunst’s Regan is like meeting up with her Bring It On character Torrance Shipman a decade later, hardened by disappointment and green with envy over not being the bride-to-be. Caplan’s monologue about blowjob is epic. Wilson, who hilariously played one of Kristen Wiig’s oddball roommates in Bridesmaids, is less sure-footed in her role as the straight man. Fun fact: Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) was originally set for the role of Becky, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. That might have worked better. I had a hard time believing Wilson’s Becky would be friends with any of the girls in high school and vice-versa.

The movie can be summed up with one line, although not particularly humorous, belonging to Scott, who says to Caplan about her emotionally stunted behavior: “It’s not cute anymore.”  Maybe not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PLL Finale: I TOLD YOU. That ish crAy.


We're welcomed into the season finale with someone deceased and a very distraught Hanna, but of course we don't learn who it is - we go back 3 days.

The liars, sans Emily, are still worried about Paige and Emily's safety when she's with her.  They're staging intervention for Em, all while the trial beings for Maya's murder (Garrett is on trial) - reporters are everywhere.

Aria tells Hanna about Ezra's son, Han urges her to tell him she knows.  Later, Aria's hanging out with Ezra there's a knock at the door ... it's Maggie!  She pretends like she doesn't know Aria and convinces her not to tell Ezra about his son (Malcom).  She reluctantly agrees.

There's major drama between Paige and the other liars.  Paige threatens Spenc for coming between her relationship with Emily.  Later on Emily tells Paige about there being someone else other than Mona, simultaneously Paige gets a text from A.

Seems like a trend, all of the liars receive texts from A - where have these been?  We haven't seen this in awhile... A is even high tech, sending pics of them at Ali's grave to Spencer's iPad.

We soon find out Mona is still involved in the A-scene.  She's been scheming her way out of the nut house every night as a nurse.  I'm convinced she's been doing that for awhile.

Reporters are still everywhere, so Emily is going out of town with Nate.  I can't help but think Danger Will Robinson.  We all know I don't trust him ... even Em's mom is concerned!

Oh no, terrible Toby is back.  Spencer and the Tob-ster run into each other on the street.  There was a dizzy camera spin, Caleb understands Spenc, they kiss - yada vomit yada.

The liars are supposed to be meeting A at Ali's grave with Maya's bag to see who dug her up (how morbid). Caleb has gotten a gun to protect them -- I'm glad Caleb is watching the liars' backs! So, Caleb has a gun & Mona has traded her nurses uniform for a black hoodie.

There's like an hour long love scene between Toby & Spencer.  During which Hanna gets Maya's bag, Emily is away with Nate and Aria is unsure of her situation with Ezra and his love child.  BTW:  Isn't Toby in high school?? Why does he have a job in bucks county?  Anyhow, Spencer & Toby declare that they "love" each other, but I think Toby's mind is somewhere else...

We find Mona in a room covered in dolls, scary clowns & pics of Alison .. along with another black hooded friend.  Meanwhile, at Ali's grave the 3 liars & caleb are waiting for A.  At the cabin, Emily gets a scary phone call.  The liars & Caleb realize they're in the wrong place, so they head to find Em.

Emily's current situation is getting creepy.  She makes a connection between Nate, paint on his shoes & Maya.  I knew we couldn't trust this guy!!  Nate is scary, I always told you guys!  Turns out he was Maya's stalker (and killer) over the years, he's not Nate at all.  He brought Paige with him to the cabin and he plans on killing her in front of Emily. Emily uses her quick thinking skills and runs away.

The liars are on their trail, but wind up at the wrong cabin. Caleb might be heading to the right place...

Emily winds up in a lighthouse tower, she protects herself and stabs 'Nate.'  Caleb has found her, sets down the gun and we hear it go off.  Turns out Caleb was shot, thus Hanna's distraught face.  He's not dead - just seriously injured. "Nate," however is the deceased.  Paige had nothing to do with any of this after all (as I suspected).

Spencer's mom tells Em at the hospital that she's helped save an innocent victim .... Garrett is free, "Nate" was the real killer.  I still think Garrett's a creep-a-zoid.

The end is the most shocking.  We learn Mona has been planting all of the things that had lead the liars to Paige.  She's been creeping out of the nuthouse quite often with another black hooded friend.  Wanna know who it is ...

NO EFFING WAY.  I don't fully believe it, but his demeanor kind of fits it.  He's been working hard to get close to the leader of the liars, Miss Spencer, not to mention her 'rents.  It's very good play on the writer's part- most of us already had Toby ruled out awhile back.

However, I still think there's another "A."  I don't see Toby being the brains behind this entire operation.

I've surveyed and here are the guesses of who another 'A' could be:

  • Wren.  He has tried to get in the middle of Hanna & Caleb.  Not to mention he has full access to help Mona roam the streets at night.
  • Ezra. I'm not convinced.  He has his own drama going on and enough of it.
  • A parent.  I'm thinking someone's dad, they've all been so quiet or non-existent!
  • Some say Toby joined team A, to help the liars out.  After his conversation with Spencer in the last episode he was in, that makes sense - however that's way too easy.
  • One of the liars themselves...
What are your thoughts about the newly revealed "A" counterpart?  Quite surprising!  Do you think there's another A out there?

Monday, August 27, 2012

True Blood Finale: NO. HE. DIDN'T.

The season finale.  And... I. Can't. Even.  Ugh.  

If you haven't watched last night's episode yet stop reading.  Now.  Like for real, major spoiler ahead.

I knew I've always loved Eric.  He saved the fairies from Russel Edgington and has finally staked his sorry ass.  Jason has been effected by a fairy explosion and is quite woosy.  BTW, Jason is my fave this episode.

Sam has been brought up to Bill as his "meal." He tries to reason with Bill, but he's not having it.  When Sam realizes his life is in jeopardy, he shifts into a fly and he's off into the air ducts.

Eric & sis/lover Nora are putting together quite the task force to help save the world from Bill and the other wacked out Lillith followers.  They head to Fangtasia and learn Pam is at the Authority, Tara is in to get her maker back.  The three vamps head to Sookie's to ask her for help.  It's the first time Sookie has seen Tara since she turned.  I bet they'll be friends again.

Throughout this episode, Jason has been seeing his parents.  Something in that fairy power has led him to either go crazy or now be able to see the dead.  The 'rents push Jason to revolt against the vamps and he's not backing down.

Back at Camp Alcide, they learn that the new pack master has been feeding all of the other warewolves tons of V and taking of advantage of the younger wolves.  Alcide's dad has a stash of V, for special occasions.  The only way Alicde is going to beat the current pack master is to level the playing field...
Just in case you forgot what my fave wolf looked like...

Andy and Maurella are about to be parents.  Andy's current girlfriend is forced to be her midwife while everyone watches the birth of fairies.  Her moaning is a bit awkward, but after all is said and done Andy is a dad.  Of quintuplets.  Maurella leaves him to raise them on his own.  Uh ... what?  I'm guessing Sookie's going to have to be of some kind of help in the near future...

Well after hiding them out, Sookie and Jason drive the 3 vamps to the Authority.  When the guards (and Bill) think it's only Eric & Nora, they're let through.  Not before Eric sees that Sookie is with them...

Sam convinces Luna to shift into the Reverend so they can escape.  The ginger chancellor catches this "Reverend" and he needs to do damage control on TV.  Bad move... the "Reverend" pukes blood & turns back into Luna on live TV.  Sam "flies" into the redhead vamp's mouth and shifts inside of her ... killing her, obviously.  As for Luna, she doesn't look like she's going to make it...

Back above ground, Alcide has defeated the pack master.  Way to go boy, way to go.

Eric & clan have busted into the Authority and Jason sure turns into my favorite right now.  He's ducking, rolling, jumping and shooting vamps all over! He's pretty bad ass.

Meanwhile, apparently unaware of all the chaos going on in the Authority, Bill find Salome.  He has convinced her that she's the "chosen one" but instead, he has switched the blood of Lillith with other silver-laced blood.  She drinks it and then he stakes her.  Bill is for real cray cray, now I don't think it's a joke. Ta-ta Salome, I blame you for this terrible Lillith plot...

Tara and Sookie run to find Jessica & Pam.  After Eric & Nora have disengaged the alarm, they are freed.  Jessica expresses her love for Jason and is shut down hard.  When Tara expresses her desires for Pam, the opposite happens.  Didn't see that one coming...

After they all rally together, everyone but Sookie & Eric head for the roof.  Those two head to find Bill.  Sookie gets a first look at how cray cray he really is.  Eric thinks she can talk sense into him, but it doesn't work.  Bill drinks all of Lillith's blood and bursts into a big bloody puddle.  That is until...he forms again...

My thoughts...
  • Is Jason really seeing dead people? I'm going to be mad if he's not 100% human.
  • What happened to Warlow, the vamp after Sook?
  • How the heck is Andy going to raise 4 fairy babies all alone?
  • Will Pam & Tara really be an item? Or is this just some mother-daughter lovin'?
  • When will Sookie get back with Eric?
  • Will Sookie/Anna be un-pregger next season?
  • Is Luna dead?
  • Dear Billith, get a grip.  This story-line is bogus.  You no longer have any followers, it's just you.  You're alone.  You've killed all the Lillith-loving vamps.  That is, unless Lillith is still around.
  • Will Alcide be shirtless for the rest of the series?  I mean since he's (six)pack master and all, it seems only fitting.
So, what did you think of last night's episode?  Am I the only one that's not into the Liliith story line?  It's a little too much, if you ask me...

However, that won't keep me from tuning in next season.  I wish it started next week!  Anyone know when the preview comes out??
Xo, Jes

Friday, August 24, 2012

Movie Review: SPARKLE

I'm not going to start this review with anything but the truth: I saw the original Sparkle from 1976 and fell asleep half-way through, and (even before she passed), I only planned on seeing this remake for Whitney Houston. 

While I'm sure her death has a lot to do with people seeing the film, I'm glad people are choosing to go for whatever the reason. The original is an outdated, lack luster Dreamgirls but without the... well, sparkle. So why anyone even thought to remake it is beyond me. But Good Lord - I am glad they did.

Everything that didn't work about the original has been tweaked and updated to relate more to today's audience. (Don't fret - it's still set in the Motown era...) 

For those who haven't seen the original, Sparkle tells the story of Sparkle, a young song-writer, and her two sisters who form a girl group. The tight-knit family quickly unravels as fame gets the best of them, though.

While I love Jordin Sparks and am glad that she's getting work, Jennifer Hudson she is not... Her vocals are great in this movie, but some of her acting in this movie was just... not. It's hard to play a naive, doe-eyed character without seeming like a Disney star, but when an actress that probably should be a Disney star has to act naive, it's quite and embarrasing and little Doe Eyes is quickly on the way to becoming road kill. Sure, there are parts when Sparks owns her scenes (mostly when her character gets a backbone), but mostly, it's not Sparks we are watching, but instead, her co-stars...

Carmen Ejogo plays Sparkle's sister...Sister... (Listen, I didn't say I approved of the character NAMES...) who becomes the lead singer of the girl group. And baby girl TURNS IT ON in this movie, showing Sister's downward spiral flawlessly. One scene in particular with Mike Epps sticks out in my mind, but details will be left out to protect your movie-watching experience. But as you're watching the movie, just remember Sexy Trash said it first - "Oh.My.God."

And in her last project, the Queen Whitney Houston, is wonderful. Her rendition of "His Eye is on the Sparrow" had me in tears, and I'd be surprised if anyone said otherwise.

As said before, this movie really outshines the original, and if you haven't seen either of them, skip the first and head right for the brighter star of the bunch - the 2012 remake.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Annnnnd we're back.

So after the olympics and a week of "I think SYTYCD is running out of ideas, so let's do a Mia Michaels re-dance week....", our favorite movers and shakers are back.

We're down to the top 10 this week after voting off 4 people last week.  We sadly lost, Matthew, Dereian, Janelle, and Amelia. We know one or more Sexy Trash staff were glad to finally see Amelia go.

But here we are....TOP 10....the competition is tough and they need to step up their game.  There are some very talented dancers this year, and they showed it.

This week started off with a fun broadway routine featuring some old Hollywood movie greats, especially making a tribute to Gene Kelly. Check it out if you get a chance, the video is hard to find for some unknown reason!

Let's move on to the fun part, our now top 10 will be paired with ALL STARS!!!

Starting off with a bang and a fun, energetic disco routine was Tiffany and Season 5 All Star, Brandon.  There were some fantastic lifts and moments that left me going, WOW!

The next dance came from one of my season favorites and a great all star!  Here we see Witney and Season 1 All Star, Nick take on a....wait for it....TRAVIS WALL jazz routine!  I was so excited for this routine, not just only for the dancer's but the choreography as well.  It did not disappoint!  Witney hit every move and Nick was right there with her.

The next dance I wasn't thrilled with, though I'm usually not with ballroom.  However the judges said that Cole paired with Season 3 All Star Anya, did well.  Cole has a slight injury, so we hope he's fully back to himself again soon.

The next dance was Lindsay featuring Season 6 All Star Jakob.  It was a very cool Spencer Liff routine in which Jakob played Lindsay's shadow.  With very cool jazzy Fosse moves, the judges were very pleased and I loved it as well.

The next routine was one of my favorite styles, Bollywood!  Will was paired with Season 6 All Star Kathryn.  It was full of drama and energy, as most Bollywood numbers are.    Both did a very good job in expressing the dance and making it fun!

Next dance was the dark horse of the season, Cyrus paired with Season 3 All Star Jaimie.  Cyrus just comes out of nowhere for EVERY dance and surprises everyone that he can conquer each dance style.  He is also just so fluid and hits every move with strength and confidence.  They took on a Travis Wall Contemporary and the judges loved Cyrus's passion.

The next dance featured Chehon and Season 3 All Star Lauren.  I wasn't very impressed with this dance, and it is one of my favorite styles, Lyrical Hip Hop.  I think I like seeing Chehon in his ballet style more so than hip hop, though his smile and muscles still win me over.

Almost to the end, our next dance was George and Season 2 All Star Allison doing a Tasty Oreo Tyce Diorio jazz routine.  I, sorry I know people may like him, am not a George fan and I didn't really enjoy the dance.  I didn't think the connection was really there, but, hey I'm no choreographer.  I just wasn't impressed.  

This next dance WAS a boom BANG BANG indeed!!!! It featured Eliana, another favorite of mine and All Star Alex Wong, who I am a BIG FANSIE (Newsies reference) of.  It was beautiful and very sensual and they were together as one the entire time.  The dance even received a triple judge standing ovation! I absolutely loved it, and love them both.

Last but not least we have Audrey and one of my ABSOLUTELY favorite dancers Twitch! This dance could have been horrible, not like it would be with Twitch, and I still would have loved it.  The story was very cool and of course the two were hitting, popping, and locking like two hip hop vampires should.  I enjoyed it and it was a great way to end the night.

The bottom four came down to Audrey, Witney, George and Chehon.  After much deliberation, the judges chose to save Witney (thank god) and Chehon (again, yay).  So we're down to the top my how this season is flying!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Single Fright Female

I'm a little disappointed.  With all of this betrAying, I was hoping for a big revelation last night.  I guess that's what next week's for.  Nevertheless, Aria's storyline kept my interest...

We're welcomed into the episode with an Ian flashback, reminding us of the flash drive Spencer hurled in the church.

After struggling to find an outfit that covers her stitches, Hanna and Spencer overhear Hanna's mom's new boy toy, Pastor Ted, talk about a flash drive he found in his church.  Turns out the responsible adults want to turn it into police, but not before Ashley (Hanna's mom) watches it...

Happy Birthday, Ezra!  Here's some ... lilacs?  So sweet.  Anyway, he's too busy thinking about Maggie to celebrate his aging process.

Dear old CeCe is back in high school.  Turns out she's promoting her boutique's trunk show.  The application to college wasn't the only thing Spencer is flaking on.  After apologizing, Spencer agrees to help CeCe.  After seeing Paige CeCe reveals the history of Paige & Alison.  They weren't too friendly.  Spencer goes to Emily with this new found information, she obviously doesn't want to hear it...

I'm glad to see Hanna is still in contact with Caleb, even if it is just through messaging across school computers.  They are my favorite.  You know who is still NOT my favorite?  Nate.  He is clueless and creepy.  Speaking of Nate, Emily tells Paige about the kiss.  Contrary to the anger she exerted on some trashcans the night she caught them, she seemed quite understanding.  Maybe she is a bit evil...

Clever little Aria finds Ezra's Maggie and pays her a visit.  She goes undercover as an undergrad wanting to shadow a teacher.  My suspicions were right.  Ezra has an awfully cute son and  Maggie Alex Mack is super sweet, there's no way we can hate her.  However, I still think Aria should just have left this one alone ...
Side note:  The timelines in this show really annoy me sometimes.  If the Liars live outside of Philadelphia, Aria couldn't just hop a train to Wilmington, stay the day at a school and make it back in time to cook dinner.  Not possible.

Ashley watches the flash drive and finds footage of herself with the creepy detective.  She destroys it and Hanna takes the blame when the Pastor asks to give it to police.  Good one Han, now go help Spencer.

Spencer need serious help.  CeCe is talking to a distributor while Spencer is trying on a dress.  Looks like A is there, since she gets locked in with a snake and all.  Now to me the snake looks quite harmless, but does it have a deeper meaning?  Is A calling Spencer a snake?  Maybe for ratting Paige out to Emily?

Aria gets back to Ezra's apartment in plenty of time to make dinner (weird).  His brother, Wesley, shows up and she spills the beans about Maggie.  I'm actually thankful they brought Wes into the show.  At first I thought he had an ulterior motive, but I think I was wrong.  Ezra returns home, ready to celebrate.  Turns out he talked to Maggie ... she's happy and successful - but seems to leave out the fact that she has a kid...

Back at the trunk show, Caleb surprises Hanna in the dressing room.  Emily and Paige have shown up to help.  In Spencer fashion, she & Han go through Paige's bag.  Emily catches them and freaks (I would too), however they find something.  It's not quite clear what it is, but my guess is it's Ali's red earring...

We're left with Emily & Paige on a front porch.  Paige reveals the truth behind her and Ali's relationship. When Paige steps inside, Jenna appears to warn Emily to watch who she hangs out with.  She seems on edge and quickly hops into a cab, with bags.  Paige returns with a sly look  ... I don't like that.

Oh and now there are TWO As.   I'm not surprised.

What I've gathered from next week's season finale previews:
  • Maggie & Ezra meet. Aria looks surprised, I don't think this is her doing...ut oh.
  • 3 out of 4 liars are at Ali's empty grave.
  • Emily is covered in blood.
  • Paige looks like she's been through the ringer.
  • Mona escapes & Toby's back.
  • Hanna looks mortified- is someone hurt or dead? Is it Ashley, Mona or Caleb?
  • Aria is wearing some horrendous shiny blue skirt.
I'm 95% sure my predictions are mostly wrong.  Buuut, dis is gunna be goooood.

What did you think of this week's episode?  Xo.