Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes, WE think you can dance....

So there's no doubt that So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite summer shows.  With the top 20 now dwindling, we are onto the top 16 this week.  There were some HIGHS, very high, and some VERY low and confusing.  Let's get the good performances first, which were wowzas!

We loved the opening number by Tyce Diorio. It was a very Charlie Chaplin inspired number that was in black and white with one red umberella.  I loved the effects and the dance was very cool as well. It was a very inventive opening to the show.

The first performance was Tiffany and George doing a NappyTabs hip hop number.  First of all, I LOVE NappyTabs, so I was already pumped.  The dance had a cute theme and fantastic music, Outta My Mind by B.O.B and Nicki Minaj. Tiffany and George were a great opening and really looked like they were having a blast with this dance.  It was an awesome start to the performances!

The next dance I absolutely loved was a steamy, hot jazz number with Amber and Brandon by Ray Leeper.  They danced to Dr. Feelgood by Aretha Franklin, baby making music if I EVER heard it.  The two danced it out to the point that you thought you were watching an intimate, private moment between the two.  They embodied their characters of the deep south and owned everything.  It was a sexy and fantastic number, I'm sure enjoyed by all.

And now for a contemporary that wowed me.  This was done by Mandy Moore, another favorite of mine.  Lindsay and Cole danced to Wild Horses by Charlotte Martin.  The dance was a representation of the struggle between love and hate in the world.  Cole played the hate was trying to pull the light, Lindsay, down with him.  The two really put all of the emotion that was needed into the dance and you could see them embody the characters of love and hate.  Their muscular expressions were fantastic and added that much more emotion to the dance.  

This next dance, ughhh, brought tears and standing ovations.  Stacey Tookey, a wonderful contemporary choreographer, took Whitney Houston's, know what's coming....I Will Always Love You and formed a story that was unforgettable.  As soon as the music started, I thought, oh HERE it comes.  The dance was emotional and beautiful.  It was the story of two people's love that was meant to be, but couldn't happen.  Witney and Chehon were fantastic in their roles and connected brilliantly.  The lifts and embraces were so real, it was amazing.  

The last dance of the night was another NappyTabs wonderful and inventive dance to a Toxic cover by District 78.  Cyrus, who has such a unique style played a robot and Eliana played the music box ballerina that he brought to life.  The two were so into the dance that you would think we were actually watching them come to life.  Again, love Nappy Tabs, and again they wowed us! What an absolutely incredible ending to the show.

So those were the good, now the bad.  The rest of the dances were disconnected, confusing, and just plain not good.  Janelle and Dereian, who I love, did a Cha-Cha to....ugh it pains me this wasn't too good...Call Me Maybe.  The cha-cha, as is any ballroom, was difficult and the two just didn't seem to really connect and get it.  We still love them and know they'll come back strong next week.

Then there was the salsa, another difficult ballroom dance, with Audrey and Matthew.  This dance was just a hot mess. The song choice wasn't good, the dance was slow, and the steps were messy.  The two dancers are great but this dance was not for them.  So we'll hope for a better choice next week.

So now...our Editor in Trash's favorite....NOT...dancer Amelia and her partner Will. The dance was a jazz number about how opposite's attract by Mandy Moore.  But Mandy, I was confused.  I just didn't get the dance and the music, You! by The Creatures. The two really didn't connect and the story just wasn't brought across very well.  I just found myself in the "HUH?" pose staring at the tv for most of this dance.

Our evictees this week will certainly be missed, as they were partners and hit quite a high this week. SO with that being said, we had to say goodbye to Amber and Brandon.  I'm sure this will not be the last we've seen of them.  In fact, Brandon has a dance part in the new Step Up movie.  So please boy, you got this already.


  1. I agree with everything you said... EXCEPT I didn't like the opening number. It was a little too Amelia/quirky for me. Plus, 9 times out of 10, I hate Tasty Oreo's routines.


  2. I like Amelia, and I like the idea of the umbrella and black and white set, but the choreography didn’t do much for me either “Sexy Trash.” I really enjoyed Tiffany and George, especially the story that went along with the song. The music, choreography and performance were all well synched together. Given how intense the show is now, I started watching the next morning instead of the next evening and then I can talk about the show with my Dish coworkers the next day. When I select the option to watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings I save enough time to watch while I’m getting ready for work.