Monday, July 30, 2012

True Blood: The episode with the crappiest title.

"Somebody That I Used to Know" ..... really?  All that I heard when I learned the title of last night's episode is Gotye's song ringing in my ears.  Apparently it was actually based around the song by Elliot Smith.  Terrible title aside, let's get into the episode shall we.

If you haven't been keeping up with True Blood, I'm sorry to say there's not enough time in a blog post to give you a "quick" summary.  Characters and their relationships have evolved so much (not to mention plots are twisted in, out and around each other) it's hard to keep track of, even if you're a religious watcher.  I suggest OnDemand for those of you HBO-subscribers.

*SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched last night's episode yet, do so before reading this.*

Sookie, through the convincing of her hot brother, decides to use her fairy powers to figure out who killed her parents.  She learns that vampire's name and that he's coming for her ... typical.

Eric & Bill are still at the Authority headquarters.  Russell has killed Roman (which I'm completely sad about because I love Chris Meloni) and the vamps have all drank Lilith's blood - which has made them high as kites & they went on a killing spree in New Orleans.

Eric has come to the realization that what they're doing is wrong and frankly I agree.  If there aren't any people left how are the vamps going to eat & create more vamps?  I'm loving Eric more and more this season, maybe something's left over from that little witch spell he was under.  We continue to watch Bill go off the deep end.  I never really liked Bill anyway...

BTW, I think Alexander Skarsgard should play Christian Grey in the movie installments of 50 Shades...

Meanwhile, Tara is adjusting to her fangs and working at Fantasia.  When Tara is not trying to fry herself in a tanning bed, she's one of my favorite characters.  Not to mention that I'm LOVING the Pam-Tara relationship.  In this episode, Pam glamours an old high school "friend" of Tara's to be a blood slave to Tara .. does that mean a recurring role for the pink Barbie?

This episode, Alcide does somethings and looks good while doing them.  I'm pissed at him though.  Why is he doin' it with the wolf-lady?  She's his new girlfriend?  I thought he loved Sookie?

I'm so confused by his love life anymore.  However, I'm not confused by how good he looks...

Sam and Sam Luna are out to catch the killer of their shapeshifter friends.  I loved the snake interrogation by Sam, great thinking.   While Sam gets on my nerves, I do like him in this episode.  However, I was a bit creeped out when I thought he was going to kiss himself -- I mean, Luna.  Which leads me to a big question.  Who did Luna kill to be able to shift into a person?

Over to Jessica.  She stepped up to the plate when Bill left and she always keeps things interesting.  She has turned into my favorite vamp this season. She's quite a vampslut, but I'm pretty sure one of my favorite scenes is when Jason shoots her in the head - I laughed out loud.  Literally.
Sorry, I had to...

Anyway, this ep she's caught by the killers of non-humans, they throw her in a room with Hoyt, tell him to kill her and lock the door.  Luckily, they scheme their way out of the room.  Hoyt leaves & walks into a truck with a familiar face and a gun.  Can't wait to see who that is...

So I'm guessing Lafayette is still a Brujo...?  I love that Jesus is helping him from the other side.  However, his medium skills continue to creep me out.  I'm hoping Patrick will take one for the team & kill himself to lose the curse - does he have a family (other than Felicity-insert awkward laugh)?  I mean, the curse is basically his fault.

Bill may really be going off the deep end ... or as he calls it "evolving."  Maybe it's just an act. He seems so over-dramatic about everything else and with this, he's kind of just shrugging his shoulders and saying "eh, whatev."  Eric needs to get out of the Authority's headquarters and save the world ... oh and kill Russel.  He's very annoying.

Here's what I want for the rest of the season (which has nothing to do with what's really happening):  Alcide to keep his shirt off in every scene.  Jason should find some kind of power, poor hottie is one of very few humans.  Sookie should stop trying so hard.  Tara and Jessica should become BFFs again.  Lafayette should continue being bad ass.  Eric should kill Russel & become the new ruler .... and Christian Grey.

I'll definitely be tuning in next week after seeing this preview, won't you?

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