Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars - S3E7, Crazy

Crazy. With Mona overly involved this episode, I say it is quite cray-cray.

Wait, since this is my first episode recap/review, let's rewind.

Here's a brief Season 3 recap-in no particular order:
Mona's in the looney bin, the girls got drunk the first episode which is when Allie's body was dug up and they found Emily at her grave with no memory, Garrett is in jail, Melissa isn't preggo, Emily got a job, Melissa is the black swan, Bitch [Jenna] can see, Maya's cousin (Nate) has showed up & befriended Emily, Spencer's mom is representing Garrett, Hannah has been visiting Maya (where Wren works), Hannah and Caleb have broken up, Spencer and Toby are together, the creepy copy (Detective Wilden) is back, Garrett's mom dies, Ezra's come into a lot of money, Jason and Spencer found Allie's anklet ... and so on and so forth.

Fast forward to last nigh (if you haven't watched, stop reading - go to and watch-spoilers alert). This episode opens with the fresh knowledge that Garrett has been released.

Before we go any further, is anyone else confused as to what time these kids go to school during this episode?  I'm pretty sure Aria & Hannah don't go to school at all during this "Crazy" ep.

I'm still not quite sure where to begin. 

When three of the Liars are getting coffee (before school? again, I'm super confused by their academic schedules) they run into CeCe - another one of Ali's friends that no one knew about.  She resembles Ali a lot, I think she is going to play a vital part in all of this ... could she be the girl in the red coat?

Hannah is a target for Detective Wilden and Mr. DiLaurentis.  Turns out they think Hannah's blood will match the other blood on the anklet.  Why Hannah?  Turns out 3 days before Allie's body was found, she told Mrs. DiLaurentis that she saw Allie - which would be true, if an Ouija board wasn't involved.  When Hannah and (sane) Mona were playing, Hannah "saw" Allie outside the window.  I am definitely scared of the Ouija board, don't these girls know better yet?

Aria's mom is online dating ... turns out she goes out with the Pastor that Hannah's mom was seeing in the last episode.  Oh the joys of living in a small town...

What is up with Spencer wanting to help Jason all of the time?  Okay, I get that he's her long lost brother and she's quite lacking in the "good sibling department," but covering for him after his drunk driving accident?  Is that really necessary?  Don't worry, his pretty face & messy Justin Bieber meets a bowl cut hairstyle were left unharmed.

Nate is taking Jenna out and asks for Emily's help to buy her a gift.  Don't worry, they don't actually have a lovey-dovey date.  CeCe helps sabotage it before it happens.  Are we sure she's not Ali?  

Last the most "Can't Reveal A Zealous Yell-er" (crazy) part of the episode involves Mona.  This girl knows way more than her looney exterior is sharing.  After Aria visits her and then Aria & Hannah break into see her again, things start to get extra creep-tastic.  
Turns out Hannah & Mona had a secret code - you take the first letter of each word in a sentence to make a word (see my above riddle).  Mona escapes her room & we follow Aria & Hannah into the depths of the psych ward to find her.

By the way, why does this building have NO lights on in the hallways?  I'm pretty sure all hospitals like this are well lit for this exact reason ... no losing patients.

We find Mona brushing a doll's hair in the old children's ward, rambling on and on - and let me tell you she is SEVERELY creepy.  Like "I never hope to see her on the street because I'll scream at her" creepy.

Low & behold we find out the ramblings are in fact a part of "Hannah-Mona" code.  Now I understand the title of this episode, because this ish is CRAY.  Here's what she said "Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife.” “Where were we? Maya’s away sleeping sweet, until Garrett’s all rosy count on me.” “No one to save Ali from evil.”  

Here's Liars decode: No one to save Ali from evil = NOT SAFE.  The rest?  It's a website, with Maya's picture ... and it's password protected. (btw if you try to go to, it takes you to - smart move kids).  What do you think it is?  I think it's a blog or something that Maya herself set up - it users her initials.  What are your thoughts?

I'm left with one question ... Where was Ezra and his loads of cash this episode? 

I can't wait for next week.  From what I've seen Hannah is in some kind of board room, Aria & Ezra make out, Caleb hacks into "," Wren makes an appearance AND Aria meets Ezra's MOM (who seems to disapprove)!  I can tell, things aren't getting any less crazy any time soon .... and I love it.

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