Thursday, July 19, 2012

How did this get past the pilot?

I'm posting a little early for a Fashion Friday, but this is off topic & I couldn't pass it up ...

Let me set the stage for you.  I get home after a friggin' long day, make myself dinner, pour a glass of wine and settle in front of the TV.  I couldn't tell you the last time I had time to do that.  I'm flipping through the channels (what's really on at 8pm on a Thursday anyway) and I land on "Take Me Out" on FOX.  Obviously a dating show.

At first I'm excited, because I think it's the show that has celebrity guys, like DJ Pauly D & one of those Jonas kids, choosing dates.  I soon learn I am wrong.  So. Wrong.  

I soon learn that "Take Me Out" was a show in the UK first ... I guess it did well to be brought here?...
sourceShot from the UK version.

I'm welcomed by George Lopez's voice...I'm okay with this.  He can be funny.  Then I hear a catch phrase "if you're turned off, turn it off."  Did I mention the audience echoed the whole thing?

He introduces the "flirty thirty."  A panel of 30 girls, all dressed to the 9s.  Some of which I wonder if they considered a stylist before they came on the show.

However, I will applaud the variety of women they have on this show.  They're not all cookie cutter blondes/brunettes.

So here's how it works:
1. George introduces a "hot, eligible bachelor," who has picked their entrance song.  They drop down in an alien-type elevator, dance around the stage and once you get a good look - they may not be the most "hot" or "eligible."
Yes, that's a bachelor hugging George.

2. The girls then turn off their lights if they don't like him, based on looks & his choice in music.
3.  We go through two more painful rounds, in which the girls get the chance to turn of their lights yet again.  The second is a mini-video about the bachelor, in the third round you're in for a real treat.  They introduce you to their "talent."  Which tonight was mediocre singing for the most part.
4. This bachelor turns off lights of those they don't like, leaving one standing.  They ask a question to the girls - whomever they like more wins.

I haven't even gotten to the best part. It's a typical game show, so it's not only accompanied by an echoing audience, but the girls dance after the winning daters leave the stage.  Not kidding - a choreographed "arm dance."
This is part of their "dance."  No lie.

And let me tell you, they churn 'em out!  They probably go through 4 guys in the hour-long show, not to mention catching up with the daters from the last episode.  I do like that it's fast moving and there are no typical break lead-ins such as, "who does he pick? stay tuned ...." 

Needless to say, it's a train-wreck.  Why did I watch the whole thing?  I'm not exactly sure. I shouldn't be, but I was surprised that they have just extra girls just waiting around ... I wonder if they're all just wannabe model/actresses?

In case I didn't paint a pretty enough picture ... here's a preview for you:

Have you seen Take Me Out?  What are your thoughts, am I being too harsh?

Jes (SexyFash)


  1. This just goes to show how previews can make something horrid seem mildly entertaining - I'm taking your word for it, SexyFash!

  2. I think this looks funny...