Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Friday: Hats off to summer!

Or should I say ... hats ON this summer!

Lately I've been a hat lover.  I have a huge array of baseball caps, a fedora and even just got myself a floppy brim summer hat.  I love it!

You're not?  Here are a few great reasons to consider wearing a hat:

  • Protect yourself from the sun - which means you're fighting wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer!
  • Shielding the sun and heat from your face leads to less squinting and sweating.
  • Bad hair day?  What else are you going to use to hide it?
    • Girsl: wear a hat on a good hair day - you'll make a baseball hat look super cute!
  • Baseball caps are a great gym accessory to keep your hair out of your face when working out.
  • Is it winter?  They keep you warm - you lose the most heat from your head.
  • Hats go with basically everything.

It's an easy, effortless accessory that will make your outfit stand out.  

Don't believe me?  See how the celebs are wearing them (and where to snag your own)...

At the beach:
Stacy Keibler chose a fedora to don at the beach.  Want one?  Get one in the same color from for under $18 or a darker version at for less than $13.  What a steal.

Looks like Rachel Zoe has some influence on her hubby Rodger Berman.  He's got the men's version of the fedora down pat.  Get a natural colored one at for under $40 or a gray one from for only $15.

At the stadium:

Ashley Tisdale shows her spirit for the Dodgers in a simple hair style and a white T.  Looking for baseball hats with a little girly-flair?  My go-to is's Major League Baseball Collection. I have plenty of sequined New York Yankees hats and I'm in love with each of them.

Steven Tyler chose this fedora when he watched the Red Sox and Yankees battle it out last year.  However, if you're more of a "man's man" - you can find a huge array of men's baseball hats at's store.

Hangin' out with the press:

J.Lo is sporting a wide brimmed hat while greeting the press when on tour.  You can find a wide brimmed hat (that doesn't quite push the floppy line) at for under $13.

There's no denying Matthew McConaughey when in a cowboy hat.  Boys, you could look like him too!  Get the straw version for under $25 at or the McConaughey lookalike version at for about $21 (currently on sale).

Out and about:
Kim Kardashian is a fellow lover of the floppy hat.  I got mine at Target, but you can score one in a natural color for less than $15 at or a San Diego Hat Company version (my favorite) for $30 (a steal) at

R.Patz is reppin' another men's favorite- the sweater hat, aka the over-sized beanie.  Guys, score this at for under $20 - it comes in at least 4 colors. 

And something in between...
Never lose your iPad again!  I really am lacking in the explanation department and unfortunately, this is a tough one to find for purchase.

This one is obviously - for the ultimate bad hair day, just cover it up with a full mullet/ponytail. Unfortunately, the hat was listed at and has since sold out.  But don't worry I have a few other options for you: The Flair Hair Visor (equipped with Guy Fieri's signature spikes) or his & her cowboy hats ... with hair.  Both are well under $20.

Well there ya have it.  What is your favorite hat to wear?  Will you be wearing one out & about this summer?  I'd love to see - share with us :)

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