Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Battle of the Year" Trailer

To begin, I love dance movies. Save the Last Dance, Shall We Dance, Step Up, Stomp the Yard... the list goes on, and my love of dance doesn't end there - every year I look forward to summer and count down the days until So You Think You Can Dance premieres. Sometimes I even look up choreographed dance routines on Youtube or watch old VHS tapes from my little sister's dance recitals - I just love a good choreographed routine.

It's good to see Sisqo found work again...
With that said... I have never seen a preview for a dance movie that looks as bad as Battle of the Year. And, ladies and gentlemen, I've watched the straight-to-DVD Honey 2. And enjoyed it. So this is saying something.

The story is basically every the same as every other inspirational coaching movie you've ever seen - a once successful coach needs to come back and coach a team of misfits/"bad kids with hearts of gold" so that they can prove themselves, but along the way, they all learn something... about dance and about themselves.

Okay, so the plot doesn't completely turn me off. It's the cast:

Josh Holloway may have been great in Lost, but as a B-Boy coach? I don't care. 
Chris Brown cast in a movie throwing punches over a girl?? It's good to see he's using his "acting" skills in the real world.
The fat one from Drake and Josh Josh Peck in...anything? I'm done.

I'm a gay man living in New York City, so yes - I will probably be dragged to see this. Will I be happy about it? Not one damn bit. Call me when Step Up 76 is released.

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