Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Friday: Summer Shoes

I wasn't feeling the best yesterday, so what else was there to do but go shopping?

While browsing Marshall's shoe section & the local DSW, I realized .... while my footwear collection is extensive, it lacks season versatility.  I have tons and TONS of shoes, but they're all safe.  I have nothing super colorful and I lack cute sandals.  With color-blocking SO in right now, I need to upgrade.

I've documented my want list and I just HAD to share this fabulous-ness.  Side note:  Can we give up on gladiator sandals already?  They should have been lost in the century they were created.  ugh.

Since I'm not so good with "save the best for last," here's my current fave.  I NEEEEEED THESE.
I died.  3 times over.  Neon pink & nude patent.  Thank you Mr. Steve Madden, you are a sheer genius.

You can never go wrong with an embellished sandal.  Here's a pair I tried on and really liked...
Shopping tip:  When you're looking a shoes, feel the inside sole of the shoe (where your foot goes).  Is it hard?  If it's hard to touch, how do you think those will feel to wear?  Terrible. I always judge my shoe buying on how squishy the inside sole is.

I own a grey pair of these but need many, many more...
TOMS are a favorite by all that have them.  Not only do they represent a great cause, they are oh-so-comfy & soooo light-weight!  I wear them anytime I know I'm going to be on my feet all day because the arch support is A-MA-ZING.  

This is how you do heels in the summer...
Peep-toes (I'm into the nautical feel lately, can you tell?).  Grab a color-blocked a peep-toe for the office or get a standard nude for all of the spring & summer weddings you have.  These are Jessica Simpson - I speak from experience her shoes are COMFORTABLE.  There's a reason she was on Fashion Star, girlfriend knows her stuff.

Did you know "jellies" were back in style??

While I'm not a fan...have you ever tried these things on (I mean after the late 90s)?? COMFORTABLE.  Ugly, but comfy.  Here's another take on jellies...
I saw something very similar at DSW, tried it on and fell in love.  The bow was TO DIE for and the shoe was oh so comfortable. 

Those are the latest & greatest that I've run into.  What about you?  What's your favorite style for the warmer seasons? Share itttttt.
Until next time...XO,

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