Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday: Nail Trends!

Here at SexyTrash we cover fashion from head to toe, how could we leave out fingertips?  Every good human being, men and women alike, enjoy a good manicure.

For men, it's a clear coat (or no coat) and they're out the door.  For ladies, we have a tough decision to make.  Do we play it safe with a french mani or be bold with some of the latest neon colors?  Lately I've been dabbling in the "paint one nail a different color" trend.  Anyone else?

Let's dive in to see what everyone is wearing on their nails these days.  What's your opinion?  Do you go fake and add tips, or are you au-natural?

Miss Zooey is notorious for her ever-changing nail art.  I'm digging the color, but don't those bows get in the way?

Another superstar that is quite well-known for her crazed out nails is the lovely Katy Perry.  Here two shots of hers, including a little extra decor ...

Rhianna loves this claw-trend.  I for one, love to hate it.

Same goes for Lady Gaga.  You're going to tell me you haven't stabbed any of your little monster with those finger fangs yet?

Khloe & Kylie keep it simple.  I'm liking the nautical theme Kylie!

My girl Hilary Duff is following my favorite trend, the "one nail a different color" thang.  I'm digging the bright hues Hil, you go girl!

Here's my latest "one nail a different color" creation.  I think I'm liking the silver choice here...

What is your favorite way to decorate your nails this summer?  Do you prefer any of these trends or do you keep 'em simple?  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay cool & fabulous.
XoXo, Jes

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