Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Friday: Matchy-Matchy

When I was young, my parents & grandparents would dress my cousins and I up alike.  It was cute ... up until about age 8.  Actually I take that back, nothing about the 90s was cute...

Anyone else into Goosebumps back in the day?

With that being said, I think a few celebs need to reevaluate their matching styles.  This post was inspired by none other than Kimmy K's recent tweets.  She's all bout the matching footwear lately...

"His & Hers! #AirYeezys"
(This is totally a Kayne thing, he was notorious for having matching kicks with Amber Rose)

Let's weigh in.  What do you think about the matching style?  Shoes are one thing, but what about when it comes to an entire outfit?  I'm not talking about wearing a similar color to compliment your significant other, I'm talking about the faux paux that is this ...

David & Victoria partied like it was 1999 (which it was) in Versace leather.  Wow.

No comment.

Since they're royalty, & oh so good looking, I'll let them pass.

Really Selena ... really?  You're way too cute for this.

Justin must LOVE the matchy-matchy look.
Thank goodness he's toned it down in the past 10 years.

I'll give them a pass, since this was a holiday 'n all.
But is that a pumpkin?  What holiday was this exactly?

What are your thoughts on matching celeb couples/families?  Did your family ever dress you up to match siblings/cousins?  I'd love to hear & see it.

Happy Friday everyone!
XO, Jes

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