Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bethenny Frankel: Live and In Person!

There's no easy way to break into this without sounding god-awful. 

I saw Bethenny Frankel last night. 

That's right, arguably the most successful woman of the Bravo Network's franchise BEAST was mere inches away from me last night. 

And she was amazing. 

Yesterday, Bethenny debuted her brand new daytime talk show, and came out to Philly for the night to celebrate! While I did try to actually meet her (and trust me, I TRIED), I ended up being right by the velvet ropes as she made her entrance. And though I thought that not meeting her would be a total buzz kill, I could not have been more wrong. I mean hey, when her signature cocktails are on special, how could the buzz have been killed? 

There has been a murmuring of Bethenny getting her own talk show for literally over a year, and the number one question people asked were "How will this ice queen be able to run her own talk show? Pfft". Well, they were alllllll wrong. Bethenny is the girlfriend you always wanted but never knew you were missing. She asks questions we were all secretly asking, and she doesn't sugar coat a goddamn thing. As far as daytime television goes--her show is utterly refreshing. 

And surprisingly, she's just as refreshing in person. I've been around for one or two other celebrity apperances, and hell, even just seeing random celebrity interviews you can tell when a celeb just does not give a shit. You can see it in their face--they just want to leave and get this over with as soon as possible. And it makes everything awkward and painful for everyone involved. So, going into this Bethenny event, I had some reservations. 

But she was AWESOME. She was so fun and so excited and really cared about being there. She was so gracious and grateful for all of us coming out to see her, and her excitement really lifted the spirit of the room. That and the cocktail specials. 

Anyway, as my friend and I were leaving the event, a blogger stopped and asked us what we thought of her show. He wanted to know if we thought it was too risque, or too crass for T.V. Clearly, he thought so and you could tell he was looking for some female back up. He was getting none of it from me, that's for damn sure. I mean, come on, I'm so sick and tired of the talk shows who think they're "getting into it" by talking about how to most effectively cut coupons. Today's episode of Bethenny talked about whether or not "50 Shades of Grey" really does spice up a married couple's bedroom or not. 

It's almost, ALMOST, as if the staff of Sexy Trash got together and made a daytime talk show. 

Team Bethenny, always and forever. 


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