Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work It Out: Tanning

Sorry for my delay of post. If it's not allergies, it's a downed internet router. Ugh.

Anyway, as Summer graciously crossed our thresholds this past weekend, everyone and their mother found some sort of outdoor activity to participate in. Between the swimming, barbecuing, sport playing, or just plain laying out in the sun with a good book and a beer--we've all been secretly outside hoping to get that summer glow started right. But the downside to that summer glow, is the summer burn. And trust this Irish/German girl with the fair complexion--NO amount of glow can make a bad burn worth it.

So, if we want to avoid the burn altogether, what should we do? What else is there besides a tanning bed and the God-Given tanning bed in all of our backyards? And most importantly, which one of those methods are celebs using?

The first one that comes to mind is air brushing. It lasts about a week, is mess free, and takes about 10 minutes to do. If you watch any episode of the OC housewives on Bravo, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, as those bitches get sprayed at least once an episode.

RHOC Alexis, gettin' her spray on!

Next up is sunless tanning lotion. Now this is the obvious go to choice for those of us who aren't too fond of the UV rays in the tanning beds and sunshine. A bottle of some Jergens Natural Glow and we're good. Just be careful you don't get it on your hands--or else you'll look like you gave an oompa loompa a happy ending. There are tons of sunless tanning lotions endorsed by celebs. I mean hell, Snooki has her own line of tanning products.

If these two aren't cutting it for you, then fine, bite the bullet and go lay in the sun. The sun is better for you than a tanning bed, simply because there are less UV rays involved. And the less UV exposure the better. But please sweet jesus put on SOME sunblock. You don't wanna make the same mistakes I me.



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