Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lysistrata Jones!

The staff at Sexy Trash have what you could call... obsessive personalities. We just can't help it that some entertainment is so good that we need it in our lives. Jennifer's Body, Glee (the music, not the plot - don't get it twisted), The Hunger Games... you get the idea.

Our most current obsession is Lysistrata Jones. It opened on Broadway in December 2011 and ran 30 performances before it was closed prematurely. The story follows Lysistrata "Lyssie J" Jones, a new student at Athens University. After she begins dating the captain of the constantly-losing basketball team, she inspires the girlfriends of all of the team members to stop having sex with their boyfriends until they finally win a game.

The music has a very Legally Blonde feel, and although the show only ran for 30 performances, we found time in our busy schedules to see it three times. We don't regret it for a second, and our only complaint was that there was no soundtrack for us to enjoy after seeing the show... We only had our memories to keep us excited.

Until now. This Tuesday, the soundtrack was finally released, and the music is just as great as we remember. We may have already had a dance party in the Sexy Trash offices with full choreography. And half-assed costumes.

Do yourself a favor and download the soundtrack on iTunes for $9.99 RIGHT NOW.

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