Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday: Lazy Celeb Fashion

Since I missed my post last Friday (the days are truly getting away from me anymore), my laziness forgetfulness has inspired this week's installment of lazy celebrity fashion.  I get it, they're real people, but sometimes we forget and want to marvel in the fact that celebrities do wear sweatsuits.  I know some paps get celebs coming from the gym, in sweats, but that's not what we're approaching here.

Today, we're looking at your average, every-day celebrity, bummin' it.   Buckle your seat-belts - there are a lot of polyester-cotton blends in your future.

Mariah Carey
Girl, if you're going to wear a black & blue sweatsuit please leave the heels at home.  

Ashley Tisdale
One of SexyTrash's favorite celebrities, she could make a moo-moo look good.  While I'm typically anti-butterfly anything, she's pulling off these purple butterfly sweatpants.  Do yo thang girl.

Sienna Miller
She's working those Uggs like no one I've ever seen.  Look at that 'tude. Work it gurl.

Carrie Underwood
She's doing it right.  Just because she's comfy doesn't mean she needs to her whole look go out the window.    PS. I want her hair stylist.

Kendra Wilkinson
If you've seen any of her shows on E!, you know that Kendra isn't afraid to bum it.  And I love that about her.  She looks so comfortable, I wish I was wearing that right now.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Adding a little male flare to the bunch, I could have done without this ... Seriously, when is he going to cut his hair?  I truly thinking he's trying to grow it back out to the Achy-Breaky Heart style.

Last, but not least ... 
Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs
Typically, I'm not into the whole "matchy-matchy" look - but boo, you make white sweats look good.

What's your favorite "lazy" outfit?  Share pics, we're dying to see.
Do you have an idea for Fashion Friday?  Share in the comments section!


  1. Yikes Mariah Carey- that's a lot of camel toe for a fashion Friday. Reign it in, girl.