Monday, May 7, 2012

Diva of the Week....the Mother Edition...

With Mother's Day coming up, I thought that it would be appropriate to honor some great mothers this week.  I know we here at Sexytrash all have some wonderful mothers/moms/mamas/moos and we love them very much.  We have two ladies who are our divas of the week.  They're family, in fact mother and daughter.  I'm talking about Tina and Beyonce Knowles.

Tina is a great clothing designer and made many of the outfits that were worn by Destiny's Child back in the day.  She has her own clothing line Miss Tina and head of the House of Dereon.  She's a great grandma for her grandson Daniel and her brand new baby granddaughter, Blue Ivy.  She's a gorgeous woman, who's been a great mom, and we can tell by just looking at Solange and Beyonce.  

Now we have to mention our girl BEYONCE!  We were so excited for her baby to come, we felt it was our own family.  When baby Blue was born, mass texts were sent SO fast, no one was left behind. Take a look at the first released photo of them.  Of course Bey looks gorgeous and Blue is as cute as a button!!!

Beyonce was the most gorgeous pregnant woman and we love seeing the pictures of her and Blue bonding with mommy/baby day out.

Here we end with a three generation picture of Tina, Bey, and Blue on a day out.  We're proud to honor these two great moms and the many more that we see. 

So Happy Mother's Day to all the diva mom's out there.  I know I'll be celebrating with my mom, where I get my diva from.  Love ya Mom!!!! <3

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