Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Character Crackdown: Adele

This week for Character Crackdown I decided to highlight the best (and the worst) covers of Adele seen all across our TV screens. Brace yourselves, this could get ugly.

Everyone WET themselves when "21" hit the scene, including myself. It's an amazing album and one that'll go down in history as being not only one of the most successful, but most artistically genuine. Within a few weeks, people couldn't keep their hands (and their poorly trained vocal chords) off of her songs.

Let's start with the greatest offender: Rolling In The Deep. The song is a personal favorite, despite the fact that it got overplayed about a minute after it hit the airwaves.

This is the closest thing to "okay" as we're gonna get here. It all goes downhill after this...

For some reason, the video of her actual audition for "The Voice" couldn't be found. Here's Vicci Martinez on tour, killing (and not in a good way) it.

From the costume, to the twerked up remix, to her nasally voice, to THE RAP SECTION, I just have to ask....WHAT IS THIS?!?!? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!? WHO SAID THIS WAS OKAY?!??!?!

Now let's move on to the number one ballad of the year...you know, the one where Adele showed up out of the blue uninvited--Someone Like You. This one's a little easier to pull off, as the vocals here aren't as insane as the previous song. But it still ain't that pretty...

While I can appreciate taking a bit of a harder approach to this....no. Just stop. Call me a purist, but it's gotta be a piano and heart breaking vocals or I'm out.

She sounds like she's in physical pain.

Here's a few random covers that very brave people did.

Like really? Come on. The only successful cover of "Rumor Has It" can be found in the amazing Glee Mash Up with "Someone Like You".

I just...what am I supposed to do with things like this? Now we know what Adele will sound like in 20 years and a few dozen cartons of cigarettes from now.

And for the record, whoever said the infant children singing Adele were vocal prodigies were...well, they're straight up crazy.

Ya wanna know what's remarkable about this little girl? We can understand her, as opposed to every other 2 year old on YouTube mumbling and bumbling about. She'll be the only YouTube baby who doesn't rush to take down all their embarrassing baby videos when they're 13.

I know we all love Adele, and can think of no better way to honor her than by crooning right along side her. But do me a favor, save it for your friends, or your car, or the karaoke bar. Keep the camera turned off. Thanks!


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