Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Call Me, Maybe? Jeremy Renner

This time last week, I was knee deep in tissues and allergy medicine, trying to figure out the path of least resistance when it came to breathing. Thankfully, modern medication did the trick, and I am back and better than ever.

Since I've come out of my medicated fervor, I've managed to see the hot new summer flick, "The Avengers". And I've managed to see it twice. I am becoming obsessed with it, but as someone who's always had a penchant for heroic epic fantasies, this shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Anyway, in "Avengers", one of the first heroes we meet is "Hawk Eye", a guy with no super powers--just an incredible ability to fire a fancy arrow at you. His name is Jeremy Renner, and the moment I felt assured he was single, I knew what I was writing about.

Maybe it's the way he snaps that fancy bow into place, maybe it's the intense serious look on his face as he's killing off bad guys (which is a face and a common theme in his recent slew of films).

But something about him in Avengers just made me wanna throw my number at him.

He's also the new Jason Bourne in the newest "Bourne" movie "Bourne Legacy" also coming out later this summer. I've already loved the "Bourne" movies...so to have Renner in that? Heaven.

When I started doing my research on Renner, I found an article that said to combat his loneliness (i.e. bachelor), he got a dog. A dog, Jeremy? Really? Come on. You know where to find us.

Here's our number....call us, definitely. 


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