Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol WINNER!!!!

And we have a WINNER!!!!! Before we get to that, let's talk about some of the guest appearances on the show....the good, the bad, and the ugly, AND the leather/cat suits memo we missed.  Well let's talk about the good....well of course one of our season favorite Skylar Laine was back and sang with her country idol Reba McEntire. Now I didn't enjoy Skylar's outfit, but Reba looked amazing and they sounded phenominal together.  Well take a look at their performance of "Turn On the Radio.

Now next is the bad AND the wasn't pretty.  And for once, it really nothing to do with the music performances, but actually the clothing.  Catsuits were a trend hitting the Idol stage, but I must have missed the memo.  Previous Idol winner Fantastia, who shocked us with her appearance and totally unflattering catsuit was matched with Chaka Khan's surprising and also not the most flattering matching brown ensemble.  Now Chaka I thought, more power to you hunty...but Fantastia, uh uh girl. Take a look at our ladies below....I'm just saying...that a catsuit does not look good on everyone.

Our last celebrity encounter with a little bit of good, but a bit of ugly was Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday's performance of "And I am Telling You...." Now don't get my wrong, I love to belt this song out like no other and who better to sing it but the original Broadway Effie and the 16 year old soul sister.  But girl, it turned into an all out screaming....I'm not leaving..........AHHH....WAHHH...fest. Now it left me 'amen-ing' but I was also a little bit scared by the ugly faces that this screaming and belting caused Jennifer to make. you go. OH my.....

There were many more performances that made the finally great including the boys with Neil Diamond, who although he didn't quite have it, sang "Sweet Caroline".....BAH BAH BAH! 

Oh and we almost forgot, our winner......Phillip Phillips!!!!!!! We just love this guy, although he's very Dave Matthews as we've said before...he's a breath of fresh air and unique talent to the Idols. Plus, as you'll see by his final performance, he seems SO down to Earth and a humble guy. 

 Best of luck to both Phillip and Jessica, we'll be watching for your albums...along with many of the Idols this season! Stay tuned each week coming for So You Think You Can Dance posts!!!!

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