Sunday, May 13, 2012

American Idol TOP 4!

Here we go, our top 4, FULL of talent, charisma, uniqueness and.....wait....wrong show.  Well, no matter, they all really do possess all of those qualities and this final is going to quite a show.  This week we said goodbye to Hollie, which was not a big surprise.  But let's see some of the performances this week that KILLED it. 

Our first one is our recent Idol cast-off, but she truly did kill this song.  She was a cute little blondie, with a big voice and Irish accent, but just America just didn't give her the votes. Here she is singing "Faithfully" by Journey.

Another fave performance of this week was the duet between our boys, Joshua and Phillip.  They sang Maroon 5's "This Love" and we LOVED it.  They are both so cute, and we're in love, although we're still not too sure what team Joshua is playing for. Still either way, we love both of them.

Next, we wouldn't have a week without our girl Jessica. It's no surprise that she absolutely KILLED this song! Here she sings "And I Am Telling You...." from Dreamgirls and boy do we believe her.  She's telling us she is not going anywhere, and for this week, she was right.

Lastly, here is our boy Joshua.  All the contestants have talent and are fantastic, but Joshua, oh my lorddd, just takes us to church and BACK again every week!!!! He absolutely murdered, killed, and resurrected his version of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World".   A-MENNNNN.

So we bid adieu to Hollie and wish her luck.  The competition is getting stiff and tough.  What will our top 3 bring next week? Well all I can say is they better be BRINGING it ALLLLL.

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