Monday, April 2, 2012

"Sparkle" Trailer!

I'm not going to lie - I saw the original Sparkle this summer with someone I was dating. He said it was his favorite movie, and if I liked Dreamgirls, I'd love Sparkle. He was wrong.

In the movie's defense, I don't really enjoy films made before 1991. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but mostly... if I wasn't alive to enjoy it when it was first released, I don't enjoy it now. I might watch a classic from time to time, but will I ever own them on DVD? Surely won't.

Also... I am such a strong Dreamgirls fan that, although Sparkle was around first and "With no Sparkle, there'd be no Dreamgirls" (the gentleman caller's words, not mine...), no one could compare to Effie White and Deena Jones. Especially not Sparkle and her sister, Sister. Sorry...

However, this remake has a lot going for it that could sway me. First of all, it's coming out in 2012, which, if my calendar is correct, is after 1991. Good already...

Second, Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks. Sorry, I know it's not "High Class Movie Reviewer" of me to admit (but if you came for that, you're at the wrong website...), but I like big names. The original didn't have anyone I knew, so I was automatically ready to turn it off. This one, I'm ready to give a chance, and good thing because it looks genuinely good.

Domestic violence, sibling rivalry, unfollowed dreams... all set to the music of Motown? I'm in.

Check out the preview for yourself and sound off in the comments section about how you feel about the new Sparkle!!

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