Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh What's That About?: The Ricky Gervais Show

You could probably file this under "Oh I've Never Heard Of That" too, since the show isn't as well known as it could be. And after marathoning the first two seasons (okay, season and a half. I've signed up for "Pottermore" and I can only devote so much time to my obsessions), it's a damn shame that more of us aren't watching this.

The Ricky Gervais show is on HBO. And it is the world's simplest concept for a TV show. It's Ricky, the controversial awards show host, originator of "The Office", and British comedian, and his friend Stephen Merchant. They sit at a table with microphones and ask their dumb dumb DUMB friend Karl Pilkington questions just to hear his answers.

And it's animated.

They take the CRAZY stories Karl tells, and animate them. They even go so far as to animate the three of them sitting in their room talking. The animation sort of reminds me of the cartoons that I grew up with, like the Flintstones and the Jetsons. And it brings a certain sort of charm to the show.

As a girl who has a special place in her heart for radio and podcasting, this show is true genius. And I'm obsessed.

You're probably waiting for me to explain just what I mean when I talk about Karl and his dumb, crazy stories. Well, I can't. I can only show you what I mean.

What kills me is how Ricky and Stephen just tear him up. They are as merciless as he is serious about his stories.


I don't understand how or why--but I'm thrilled he does. Because no other show or podcast has made me laugh as hard as this. Ever.


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